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How about allowing RHS: Escalation to become a free DLC for Arma 3?
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At first it may sound like a dumb idea, but they won the "Make Arma not war" contest, this is also so far the only addon for Arma 3 which adds tons of additional and realistic content. It would be fantastic to see a check box with RHS Escalation in DLC list for Arma 3 :D IMHO it will make this big addon far more popular and more people will play Arma 3 using this content, more servers will have support for this addon as well. (It will also update itself with the game, and keep everyone else updated).

I guess that could be discussed with RHS team, as this addon most likely will never appear on steam workshop otherwise (probably because of it's size or messed up policies of Steam Workshop), that's quite sad :(

Currently there are so few populated warfare servers (CTI) with RHS Escalation on them, which is quite sad too :(

In my oppinion this Addon deserves a lot more! :D


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Their production quality seems better than bohemias in some parts, but i just don't see this happening. :/

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Why not, just wait till they add all content that could override the vanilla and maybe.... campaign with RHS units? For now they dont have Littlebirds and some other vehicles, but it is great idea.

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Shields, u need Old Spice :D

A person who downvoted, probably doesn't like "free"... or "DLC"... or both.

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I like the idea, but it will take a while to bring it to Arma 3 standards.

The problem would be that you already get the CUP project where all Arma 2 things are added and fixed / maintened. I know CUP Vehicke pack is still bugged but one reason is most things are right know not possible in arma the other thing no one reports in in the tracker. So if you want to see a good Mod for things like RHS go assist CUP. BTW they work together with AiA to make a replacement with better map objects (like buildings where you can go inside)

I know about CUP, but their vehicles are simply ports. Look at CUP T-72 and RHS T-72. Diference is colosal. Thats why we are asking for RHS. But it cannot be done until it reach A3 standards.
RHS havent US Rocket artillery, UAV's, Little choppers like littlebird (as mentioned before) and laser designators for infantry. But they have got amphibious, Main Battle tanks, choppers (atack & Transport, even medic) and unguided launchers (!!!!), vanilla arma have only RPG-32 as i remember.
They will reach A3 standards (for me they beated them long time ago) in march 2016 (i think) then Tanoa will maybe see daylight and Arma would be on production finish, THEN MOST OF CONTENT MODS developers will be able to finish their mods and polish their quality. For now with half-working features as non-swimming amphibious, physx failures, etc its not possible to finish any mod, beacuse Bohemia trying to fix the bugs and change something with every update.

PS . Person who downvoted propably do not use any mods, and is big fan of paying for 2 vehicles and 2 weapons, propably some rich daddy boy.

@wastedmikemarsoc, content is already functioning just like standard if you turn off all the RHS options in the RHS settings (like additional physics tweaks and etc). The only feature that will need to be implemented is to make RHS settings being server controlled, so the host will decide what will be turned on or off for everyone.

So just my opinion no one has to agree!!

I was glad to pay the 30€ for the DLCs because i like the way the developers develope this game. You can participate with this Feedbacktracker. (I didnt vote at all). What my thoughts are: when did RHS got his last update? I mean Make Arma not War is almost 1y ago. Did they manage to upgrade to the new bipod system? Are they prepared for the new sound modifications? Are they maintaining theur mod? Can you report bug? How long do they need to fix them? Thats my thoughts answer me the questions and you maybe have arguments.
CUP is a project to port and improve ALL previous vehicles to Arma 3 standard. So what i would say is RHS could team up with CUP team and for example help them with the models or some additional vehicles.
@T-Bone if the configs would be the only problem it would be fixed in days but seems like its not. BTW turning off additional physics tweaks means you have no amphibious tracked vehicles.

TutSi added a comment.Nov 16 2015, 1:25 PM

Man you dont know what are you talking about. RHS is releasing update every month, they have their own feedback :
They are applied all game features when they appear, They apply more function btw, like Fire control systems, ballistic computers, BEST IN HISTORY OF ARMA armor protection, and even animated explosive reactive armor - and much, much more. Only thing is missing for me in weapons is animated zeroing, but i hope it will appear. There is no better mods that can be part of DLC. About sound - Laxemann did best sound mod called "Dyna Sound" covering RHS and Vanilla sounds - most realistic sound modification ever, as for me it beated even JSRS, and size if it is ridiculus - 175 mb, and after unpack is ~600MB. Laxemann is working in RHS too. About amphibious tracked vehicles - Bohemia havent applied it yet, so you dont have it at all in any mod working yet.

that first person to downvote was me... I play only modded (ACE3,TFAR,STHUD,TRYK,HLC and freaking RHS on our server, every freaking day)

I downvoted because RHS intervention requires both RHS modpacks, including their mostly incompatible weapons/units with existing vanilla/dlc weapons/units. ever tried shooting an RHS russian with a non-rhs weapon? yea, try that.

RHS may be good in some instances, mostly when its rhs-only scenario... that makes it a NON-viable option for a "vanilla/dlc" arma3 module imo.

so... I do like "free" and "dlc" and both @Killzone_Kid, but there are other mods/scenarios out there which make more sense to be implemented as an arma official module.

and most of the people praising RHS in here seem to be affiliated anyways...

Fisrt RHS/vanilla content work ok - there are lot of compatibility patches made by community - just use google. I play along with other mods (AiA, Ace3, Bcombat, DynaSound, and many other) sure, other Units mods are not SO compatible, but its a question of time to made compatible patch. There is tons of scenarios based on RHS and Massi mods, and many others. Only matter is sequence (order) of loading mods, and that described on other forums. Besides, if that would be officialy stated, RHs will be DLC, i'm sure they would start working on compatibility with other mods, and those mods developers would start working on compatibility with RHS. Easy does it?

Dowvoted. Just like the Taru pods mods. It's a huge difference between using scripts to create things like reactive armor, fire control, ect. Vs trying to code them into the game engine itself. It's easy to state development is not that hard when you can write a script with 20 functions. Compared to the hundreds and hundreds of lines of code to make those functions work.

I enjoy RHS as the next guy. But it would take BI years to clean up RHS to Arma 3 developer standards. I rather have them focus on more important issues so modders continue to have a nice refined platform to continue to create mods first.