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Russian CSAT
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I just love ArmA III, but as a veteran in the game, and a die-hard fan, I miss one thing: Russians. I myself like Russia and Russian/Soviet equipment, and although they were always presented in a negative manner in ArmA, they've been well done, and I love them. I play as Russian in most games, and I like Russian equipment. Sure, Bohemia Interactive did a great job providing awesome Russian equipment to the game, but I feel that the 2nd strongest country (by some 1st) country in the world lacks presence. I've heard that new factions and weapons will come with the release of Tanoa, but if it would be possible, I'd like a Russian faction to be included, in OPFOR of course. I wouldn't mind if they're a side faction like they are relatively in ArmA II, or if, at the very least, BI just adds some new faces and voices, maybe some new AK-type weapons too. Speaking of which, it is one of the most iconic assault rifles ever, and it just make me wanna go crazy knowing that AKs won't be in-game. I don't want some rusty old Soviet AK, which I reckon wouldn't be included (or would depending of what the devs think of it since they included an M14 rifle) but something like an AK-12. Some may argue that the AK would be dead by 2035, but the AK-12 is yet to enter full service in 2020, maybe even later. And this isn't just my request, my wish, but the wish of many other people (which I think, depending of how popular will it be, this report will prove)so I'd like this to be in consideration, at the very least.


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+1 Without the Russians Forces, the Soviet AK, the RPG-7, the Arma3 looks at least strange and poor.
This weapons, will not only be in 2035 but, even after 100 years, I'm sure.
It's nice to understand, that even Neil Blomkamp (film Elysium, 2013 where the action takes place in 2154) knows this as well.

I would say it's about time for something new, more fitting in the Arma verse, something most games never do. As in real life seeing a pivot to the Pacific, the most common run in, would be the PRC, or more commonly known... People's Republic Of China. Now of course, China is seen negatively IRL for some things it's don't, others not so much, but this is the Armaverse.

While the China is a friend IRL, it's also a good adversary in any video game. As per sick and tired of Guerrilla forces, i think a far more modernized armed forces such as that of the PRC, would be a much better competitor. And as being one of the biggest players in the CSAT, most likely a founder, i find it even more fitting they make a big appearance.

Now of course, that's just my humble opinion. Russians are cool too. I just think they're over done, ever since... The end of WWII.

Btw there is actually an unused CSAT Russian Uniform in the Arma 3 Files. I tested it out and took a screenshot of it and here it is:

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I would like to see Russians too, i hate fact that they didnt appear in Arma 3.

I used to play RHS now, as a standard

I hear some of you play RHS, I do too. However, I'd like Bohemia Interactive to include Russians in a futuristic matter. RHS is not really suited for ArmA III, and with it we can't make non-canon fan made campaign-related missions. Well other than that, I bet there would be a lot more missions if Russians were fundamental in-game.