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Add Vulkan API support alongside DX12 in engine
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As DirectX 12 and Vulkan are two APIs that accomplish the same thing with a few differences in their additional functions. Why not add Vulkan API support to the engine alongside the DirectX 12 support currently being added?

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia have shown demos of the Vulkan API running on Preview versions of the Vulkan API driver. All the demos show that Vulkan is a HUGE boost in performance and resource optimization over openGL. the problem with only supporting DirectX 12, is that if your user base wants to get the performance boost in the game, they HAVE to upgrade to Windows X. Many of us have no desire to upgrade and we like our current OS just fine.

Additionally, with the imminent release of the Linux and Mac OS beta client ports which AFAIK are running on a wrapper via Wine or something similar, it would drastically improve the experience on those platforms if Vulkan API support was added in instead of emulating DirectX. If the Linux/Mac ports were designed to only use Vulkan, that would give BI the chance to test the API without affecting their main player base. If everything works as expected or exceeds expectations, they can then add it to the Windows client so that all the users not running MS Windows X can gain the same performance benefits of those running DirectX 12 without having to upgrade.

Below you will find youtube links to the relevant Vulkan API demo videos.


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If it is possible, so why not?

One advice:

A more objective ticket (no criticism on Windows 10) would be better.

Can only mean good things. Unsure why someone would downvote however :?

PS. Saying he doesn't want to upgrade to Win10 isn't really criticism btw.

another interesting talk/video about vulkan and how it works:

With the evidence that the Linux port client is running really really well, imagine what it would be like to run under Vulkan API instead of OpenGL?

Yeah, its guy from Frostbite, electronic Arts.... It talk for themselves - EA games never had problem with performance, on any of my PC's - i had 4 of them, begining with very old, oudated hardware till now, newer meet bad optimalisation. Now they are talking about Vulcan API - they would keep quiet if this could be so bad as someone thinking. UPVOTED.

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