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Sounds from the front of objects
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If enemy 50m from you, is firing directly in you, you dont hear his gun (only sonic crack), and cant tell from which bearing he is shooting. Problem is when you are firing weapon and rotate camera (using [alt] key) to see the barrel from the front - you will hear soniccrack, but gun shot will be much more quiet (TOO QUIET). Same with vehicles - you can drive vehicle and try to rotate camera - when camera will be rotated, so you can see the front of vehicle, sound of engine will be terrible quiet. This is biggest sound bug that is gamebreaking. {F26826}


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go to editor, spawn a rifleman, use [alt] to rotate camera and observe, how sound loudness will change, when you will look on your soldier from the front.

Now reply this step with vehicle.

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Distant fights, Close Combat is impossible to determinate bearing of enemy, please fix this.

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Adam, you are the man, if this will be fixed with 1.50, game will finally become enjoyable, its most disturbing bug in gameplay.

On the image i showed how the sound is wenting, which are is good, and which bad

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Can be closed - resolved :)

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