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Aiming cross-hairs
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Currently in game the players have two options for cross-hairs, one is a bright cross in the center of the screen, the other is no cross-hairs at all.

When playing either veteran or elite the lack of a cross-hair forces you to use a very narrowed view through an optic, this effects the game play quite a lot when forced to use optics in a situation where firing without the use of an optic is required or desired.

For instance in situations where your being fired at from several locations in an area where being flanked can be rather easy: it is far more useful to keep a wider perspective on a battle field in those situations.

I would like to see options added to the game menu, that gives the player several options to choose from regarding their cross-hairs:

  1. add the option for a dot cross hair.
  2. give the player choice of transparency.
  3. consider a general aim point [sort of an auto aim but not as accurate, just fires towards them, chance of hit choices - 40/60 = novice, 50/50 = veteran, 80/20 = elite.

This way it's up to the player just how much the want aid aiming in game. These choices can also apply to multiplayer.


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Thats not Call of Duty man.

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Yes it's not call of duty, and if all you want to say is that please don't comment on my request.

I would just like the option to choose a different cross-hair in 1st/3rd person and be able to determine how visible that cross-hair is on the screen. The third option is also a nice idea, seeing as people had the option for an auto aim in ArmA 2 and it was an option in the game menu.

Considering the fact the AI one shots most people most of the time and at ranges it shouldn't be possible, I think the added option for not an auto aim, but more of a general aiming zone around an AI/ player if chosen just gives that bit more of an aid.

Then write in your ticket you want the option for the color and the form of the crosshair. Because when you say AI oneshits you and you want a crosshair i only can say learn to play arma. I can tell you that i dont use the crosshair for already 1year and never had any problems.

And what you said that the aiming will be aided. No it wont the only thing that will be is that you have all that CoD Kiddies crying around cause they get killed even when they use autoaim and nothing else. The arma 3 aiming is really balanced so one thing would be the crosshair color and the rest is useless and unbalanced. My experience and i only refer on my own experience is that gamibg is much more fun completly without crosshair.

The auto aim option is total crap and i dont think any one of the server owners would allow it

Okay, so the third option isn't to your liking, but getting bitchy about it isn't needed, please don't spam comments because you feel like making a point. You don't need 3 posts to say a few words I.E "The third option wouldn't be a good addition".

As I stated before it might be something to consider, but I would still like the option of a small dot cross-hair instead of a cross and the option to choose how prominent it is on screen.

I know i sometimes write answers in many posts. Im writing then eg driving then writing again. What i meant is the 3rd option is somehow like cheating when you know what i mean.The other thing is a dot crosshair is far to accurate. In arma 1 shot can be deadly and i dont like to see people noscoping me from 100m (yeah this is possible even without crosshair) without really having skill or any knowladge about trajectory. What i could imagine are forms like different crosses or circles but all without a clearly seen center. so this is my statement and it doesnt belong to the technical part of the solution but to the balancing and the balancing is what arma makes unique.

Forget the whole "Call of Duty" thing. It doesn't matter.

Auto aim doesn't work that well on PC, in my opinion.
Transparency and different crosshair types really won't hurt the game. You don't want it, you don't use it.

I know where you coming from on the auto aim, I do. Forget that for the most part.

The idea for the small dot isn't going to affect accuracy, for the simple reason of it being rather difficult to maintain a balanced firing position either on the move or not. This is due to the recoil on the weapons, the dot like most cross-hairs can be useful in close quarters but the accuracy overall wouldn't/ shouldn't be that different.

In basic terms it's just a tool to guide your aim rather than it being used to focus in on your targets like you would with an optic.

AutoAiming in Arma !? Is this a joke? HAHAHA! Very funy! It suppos to be simulator - what simulation it will be if you will only walking? There is also auto aiming in dificulty settings if you dont know.... Its not Battlefield or some GTA, its ArmA, deal with that. Who wants to play against auto-aiming kids on servers?

Weapons have sights for a reason, tunnel vision is a lack of skill. Crosshairs are only there to give you a general idea where your barrel is pointing. Downvoted.

For the record, there is no auto-aim in the PC versions of Call of Duty or Battlefield...
All the Reporter wants is a way to change the transparency of the crosshair, and the ability to change it to a dot.

Read the ticket carefully. But what i mean is:different crosshair form would be cool. But only dynamic crosshairs like now no static dot or anything. A static point means that the first shot off the hip could be a hit. Thats not what arma is about. When i use a rifle try to hit something 50m away from the hip... when you are good you will need 3 to 4 shots. Thats all what i wanted to say. Im not against the idea of different crosshairs. First i would like to see different colors of crosshairs and the rest could be discussed later.

What i forgot to mention is when you want to play Veteran or Elite learn to play without crosshair. Its just more action.

I play on veteran, I just thought the option would be nice for new players coming into the game. I don't mind about the auto aim suggestion it was just that.... An option.

I would just like a choice of cross-hairs and transparency.