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AI crews in modded tanks do not support 4 man crews.
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When playing as a tank commander in a tank that has a 4 man crew, a modded vehicle. The AI does not engage with main gun and rarely engages with anything else, the system in place only allows for a 3 man crew but tanks can have up to 4 man crews.

The AI needs to be corrected to include the presence of a 4th crew member so that playing as a tank commander is more fun instead of dying all the time because the AI doesn't know how to engage.


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Command a modded tank in editor with an AI crew, place down an enemy tank and watch the AI sit and do nothing.

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Yeah +1, In all western tanks there is 4 tank crew members - Driver,Loader,Commander,Gunner and using main gun without Loader should be impossible. In Eastern Tanks Tank crew number is 3 - Loader is replaced by autoloader mechanism.

Do the devs even look at this site, I would have a thought an issue with how the game handles stuff like this would have been dealt with. It says acknowledged but what does that mean in terms of this being resolved and how long would take for them to add in an extra slot so the AI doesn't sit there eating rounds without fighting back.

For the @KillZone kid who closed my ticket thinking I am someone else :
I dont must explain, but t if you wish.... I just get back from the army this time - happy? vlad_8011 is my neightbour and we are meeting every evening. Is this enough? He stated he will not create any account for Sizif's job, and he is only record some movies as i ask him - i dont trust third party softwares like Raptr , and while i was recording this, my whole PC was almost freezed and game was runing 2-5 fps (so vlad is using this). Yes i bumped his tickets beacuse he showed me THIS BUGS. Instead of you i didnt ignored them.

As of resolving tickets - most are being resolved, BUT THEIR STATUS ARE NOT UPDATED, which creates big mess on feedback tracker.

EDIT (as its only way to comunicate here right now)
@Killzone_Kid - you were moderator as i remember...... and i'm not rude to you - please dont be rude to me. I got ban (obserwer status for nothing, you are simply rude and you get nothing) Something smell like "people are high and higher"...

I havent closed your ticket, you idiot, I simply am not able to do this.

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It looks really not cool indeed @KillZone, but lets just focus on the ticket, can we? There must be some way to dieable gun realoading, when loader is absent. Maybe associate it with ammunition types for cannon?