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Advanced UAV Waypoint mode
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A feature that I personally would like to see in the UAV terminal would be an
Advanced Waypoint mode. What I mean by this is that it would be nice to be able
to set more specific waypoint constraints. I envision it being a menu when you
alt-right click on the waypoint. It would contain the following options:

Waypoint type- The current options are fine

Beneath this for loiter you should be able to set a user defined range

Behavior- Again the current options are fine

Altitude- I envision having a max and min constraint both user defined. For
instance set altitude to 1000m ASL with a min altitude of 500m AGL. How the
program would interpret this would be maintain 1000m above sea level unless the
height above ground level was less than 500m at which point the UAV would adjust
altitude to maintain 500m above ground level. If height is greater than 500m
AGL the it will maintain 1000m ASL. Hopefully I explained that well enough.

Speed- Option to set speed to be from slow(just enough to maintain altitude and
heading) to High (as fast as possible) This could be either a slider or text

Finally, it would be awesome if the default behavior would be never fire as
opposed to open fire. Often times the UAV will engage a target prior to me being
able to change the behavior and subsequently get shot down. In addition, I have
found that with a loiter waypoint if the UAV has not reached the set height
prior to getting to the loiter distance it will proceed through the waypoint
prior to beginning the circle. Depending on how high the UAV has reached, it
will often get shot down.


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I'm looking to the UAV loiter waypoint as a way to solve a shortcoming of the armed Blackfish VTOL. Anyone who has tried to get an AI-piloted Blackfish to do their bidding will already understand where I'm coming from :)

My goal: convert that Blackfish variant into a UAV via an addon simply by adding isUav = 1; and crew = "B_UAV_AI"; to its config. Now I can control it in-game and issue a loiter command; however, since the default orbit is clockwise the guns are pointing into the sky away from the target.

From experience I know that radius and altitude of the Blackfish's orbit are also critical in order to ensure that the target at the loiter waypoint location will be inside the range of the guns' gimbals. The current radius and altitude options look like they'll be too coarse to be effective.

So further to what's mentioned in the OP I would add orbit direction selection to the wishlist, along with finer control of loiter radius and altitude ASL. It sounds like a very niche request, but it would open the door to others in the modding community who like me are lacking the necessary in-depth coding knowledge to develop something like the USAF mod's auto-piloted AC-130 Spectre.