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remove hardcoded "viewdriverinexeternal=0" for tanks
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We have the config parameter "viewdriverinexeternal=<boolean>" for vehicles, but it does not work for tanks, the driver will always be hidden for external observers if he is turned in.

This is a problem for open topped tracked vehicles like light tanks/tankettes, for tracked vehicles that have real windows (Bulldozers, Cargo-Tanks, Excavators, etc) and vehicles that use wheels with skid-steer-steering (because its the same as tank behaviour).

Additionally it makes it so that penetrating shots can't hurt the driver at all, because a hidden driver can't be hurt.

Please remove this hardcoded behaviour from tanks, it makes no sense when we have the config value to do it and limits the universal use of the tank class for more then standard IFV's and MBT's.


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It looks like this is not only affecting tanks. My issue id=24782, was solved by using 'hideProxyInCombat = 1' in the Car_F class, which resulted in the driver being invisible in the external views.

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This is a different matter.
If you set hideProxyInCombat=0, you disable the option to turn in/out for the entire vehicle and every passenger will be forced to turn out, not just the driver. For some vehicles this may be usable (single person vehicles), but for others this is no good.

It doesnt fix the problem that you can't kill a driver by penetrating shots when he is turned in in a normal tank, because this command is unusable for a normal tank.

I was not saying that the fix for my issues was the fix for this, i was intending to say, that i fixed my issue and as a result the vehicle now has this issue.

I was also making the observation that it is not a issue limited to APC/TANK simulation, it is actually more likely tied to the hideProxyInCombat property, as the exact same thing happens in a Car_F vehicle if you allow turn in and the driver does turn in, he is then invisible.

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Turned out :

Turned in :

Have to force the closed hatch state by removing the useraction until fixed. Yet, none can tell if there's a driver hiding inside an idle vehicle looking throught the viewports.

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