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Description.ext option to disable weather syncing
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Even since weather syncing has been added to the game, there has been issues with "blinking" fog and rain that has plagued missions which already have their own weather sync scripts, because the engine weather sync has lower value precision than said scripts, and tries to enforce values every second or so.

For an unknown reason, the situation became even worse in v1.46, with fog sometimes going from 0 to 1 in less than a second. It should be noted that this has never been an issue before engine weather syncing was added.

A simple option in description.ext to disable weather sync would be extremely appreciated, like "weatherSync=0;"

<b>tl;dr: weather syncing is broken, need an option to bypass</b>


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Time Sync is also broken, we need options to disable. If the server framerate goes down then the servers perception of time itself breaks and forces time and weather laggy re-syncs which causes major problems. We need the option to disable this and use our own time / weather syncing system that isn't dependent on server framerate.

All this worked fine about 8 to 10 months ago from what I can recall. Please BI, get this sorted out as soon as possible. The game is already riddled with enough bugs and awkward issues that we are forced to put up with.

disabling something instead of fixing it isn't exactly option ...
with such approach you can toss whole weather feature off window ...

anyway there is 1.48.131439 release candidate available and includes weather sync fixes so please test it there

also the problem you mention sounds more like mission issue cause it's trying use obsolete approach how force weather

Unless you guys make weather *AND* time sync less performance intensive and fix it so it's not dependent on server framerate. Then we at least need a option to disable it.

Everything was perfect before you guys added in this auto-sync thing. Least we could get an option to disable it.

Weather / Time Checks happen now multiple times per second and it's not even worth it.

Even when said problem is fixed, least give mission developers the ability to handle it the way they want.


Every frame the server increases Arma's internal clock which is basicly diag_tickTime. When the framerate on the server goes down, seconds themselves actually take longer. This breaks the time / weather sync because clients internal clock is actually running at the correct rate. Because of this, servers that sometimes have low frame rate can sometimes never actually reach night time, even though the clients do. Once the sync interval is reached all the clients are forced to be set to another time older then what it is supposed to be causing massive lagg spikes.

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"Disabling something instead of fixing it isn't exactly an option"

What and implementing updates that constantly wreak havoc on community servers is?

@Dwarden: I don't want to offend anybody at BIS, but many fixes you guys do are often hit-or-miss. I'd much prefer to have options, at least while the issues are being worked out, because it's clear that the syncing stuff was served a bit undercooked. I do hope that the situation improves in v1.48, as you suggested.

Yeah BIS, I have to agree! Most of the fixes or replacement fixes are usually 5 steps back. I also think that you really need to start listening to mission makers and Mod makers as we have more experience than a weekend Script Kiddies. Proven example you changed the run cycle to a slower unorthodox run, not only does the animation look like he's Jogging but really what should have been done was leave the old full out run with hands down on the side and then added this new run as an additional slowing animation during stamina loss thus adding a new script line to allow the Mod makers and Mission makers to chose what they feel was good for their missions or mods. So far you guys remove great features and start handing us supporters of the game useless and just game breaking crap. This is common with other software that will have a great feature, then all the sudden lets remove it and give them something they can't use. Seen this with facebook, skype, Microsoft Operating systems the list goes on and on, what is there a backdoor deal with this give everyone a taste of greatness and then Take it away? Please BIS You should really leave the original alone and add into with options to script it out or not on our end.

Please fix, I love this element so much. Thanks.

Please implement this feature. It has been over a year and we are still experiencing issues with weather sync. The time wasted on something so simple is ridiculous. I have yet to find the unicorn of a solution that will fix weather sync without turning off the in-game sync. Either fix the syncing and figure out what the actual problem is or maybe implement a solution to turn it off until you do. This seems like common sense. It also might be useful for a developer to be able to turn off weather sync to give clients different effects for some weird thing you never even thought of.

I would also appreciate this feature - however this is specifically because I do not want weather or time to be synced between the server and clients.

I would like to be able to have one client in darkness, in one part of the map, while another is in daylight in another part of the map.
This will allow me to create different sub-mission gameplay experiences and restrictions for any player at any time.


One player is playing an early mission in bright daylight, with ample visibility.
A second player is, at the same time, in another town fighting in foggy conditions.
A third player is in yet another location, navigating by the stars at night.

All the client-side times would be controlled by existing setDate functions, applied by the server with remoteExec.

I can create scripts that do this for me, however the automatic time syncing causes each client to freeze once a second, or so, as the client and server fight to set the current date.
A way to disable the server-client time syncing would allow me to continue developing time/weather-dependent mission content.


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