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this flyinheight is broke
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When using the command "this flyinheight XX"...

Setting XX equal to

50 works
49 down to 10 do not work
9 and below works

Editor, Zeus, even fiddling with ALiVE and helo insertion by fast rope, its either 50 or 9 and below.


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Windows 7
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Use command this flyinheight in editor or Zeus as a command. Cannot get a flyinheight between 10 and 49 to work.

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Following up... It seems to have something to do with terrain.

When setting up a simple test in VR (essentially just a 2D world), behaviors are perfect. When duplicating the same setup in a 3D terrain (Altis or Stratis), the altitude set does not work, even if hovering over something as flat as the airbase runways.

This is all being duplicated with a clean, no mod, no script setup with a very basic init.sqf (empty) and description.ext (debug console enabled).

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49 down to 10 do not work

If you read the command description

Sets the height level for the helicopter. The accepted range is from 50 to 1000. Final height is max(flyInHeight, flyInHeightASL).

Its not broken, its intentional. Also it depends on type of vehicle airplane, airplane physx, helicopter, helicopter RTD, ...

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The command description:

"Sets the flying altitude for aircraft relatively to the ground surface. Avoid too low altitudes, as helicopters and planes won't evade trees and obstacles on the ground. The default flying altitude is 100 meters."

This command is used to allow fastrope and 50 meters is unrealistically high for whatever rope, if it's not a bug (and I think it is, as sometimes it goes to the correct altitude and sometimes it doesn't) then it's a huge lacking