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Game crashes (randomly?) after the 1.46 update
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Game crashes to desktop at seemingly random times. Some friends have had the same problem, all started after the 1.46 update. Usually the crash happens when trying to loot objects, but I've also experienced it happen when simply running through the woods and other random moments. The message shown on server is that the player is kicked, "Steam ticket check failed: (null)". When trying to log back into the server I get an instant crash. Even when restarting my PC I get an instant crash.

However, when joining another server I can either play fine for hours, or it randomly happens after a while. If I join the same server the next day, I can also sometimes play fine for hours - or it randomly happens after a while. {F26418} {F26419} {F26420} {F26421}


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I'm playing Arma 3 with Overpoch mod, and I've seen numerous reports of people experiencing the same thing on different forums. Some claim it's a memory leak, other that it's an nVidia issue.

Could this be a mod issue with Epoch/Overpoch? Everything was working fine for months, until the latest update.

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Adam added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 7:55 AM

Hello, this issue was Hotfixed yesterday. If you encounter this issue again. Please let me know.

Thank you for your ticket.

It's not fixed at all. I do remember a small patch yesterday, but it didn't change anything for me. And judging from the number of people I see constantly booted from various server due to "Steam ticket check failed: (null)", it didn't change anything for them either. I uploaded another .rpt just in case that's helpful at all, as I am still experiencing this.

The error is still present

Not so much anymore since update

Yes there is a problem also with my wife. Directly upon entering the channel.

vbawol added a subscriber: vbawol.May 8 2016, 12:12 PM

This is still an issue as of 1.46 build 131175 and we had to issue a workaround to take the loot out of the config animated weapon holder objects as that is crashing the clients since 1.46.

animate object > add(Magazine|Weapon|Item)Cargo = clients crash

In EPOCH Mod is fixed. Thx.

The ArmA hotfix seems to have solved some, but not all instances of this bug :(

Fank added a comment.Jun 20 2015, 8:56 AM

Giggity commented on Epoch mod:
A possible fix for the "Memory Could Not Be Written" error is to disable any screen cap software especially GeForce Experience/Shadowplay. Teamspeak is also known to cause this error. I used to get that exact error in ArmA 2: OA and disabling Shadowplay was an instant fix. Also, try verifying your ArmA 3 game files through your Steam library.

Maybe this information helps, in some way.

I've tried those methods to no avail, Fank. Maybe it can be helpful to some, but I wouldn't regard it as a solution.

Unfortunately I don't have access to my PC again until August, so I'm not aware of any recent updates and whether or not they've affected this problem in any way. But AFAIK, it's still an issue.

Arma 3 v1.46 build 132256 is confirmed to have fixed this issue.

Same Issue here. Crashed once in an office building opening a 3-doored cabinet and once again on top of military tower opening a black case

I still have the issue and have had it since the "fix" not just when looting but inventory in general. I opened a bug report that has been a joke,