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Introduce true 3D positional audio
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Reading the tells me you're committed to stick to 2D panning in one form or another. Which is the gaming industry standard BTW. Why don't you brake from the lowest common denominator and set a direct development path to true 3D positional audio.


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Some facts about true 3D positional audio:
0. It's a forgotten 90's technology.

  1. Possible on regular stereo headphones.
  2. Allows the player to determine the direction of the sound source with very high accuracy (not only 'somewhere back' like in surround sound).
  3. Gives also elevation cues (above, below) with similar accuracy to point no 2.
  4. Uses information on exact sound sources location in the game acquired from the game engine.
  5. Any sound implementation that does not is only a gimmick, including Creative CMSS-3D and similar.

You can test true 3D audio right now by watching some HRTF demos or by enabling it in any existing game that uses OpenAL.

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A thing that I can't say no!

I thought sounds were already in 3D? I can tell the direction of explosions, vehicle engines, gun shots, etc...

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You have a lot reading to do but the good thing is it will be interesting. Just read what I wrote here carefully and then proceed to to the steamcommunity link.

On the "already in 3D". Panning is 2D and ArmA 3 has a lot to improve even in this regard. See the linked OPREP.