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Holding ctrl while sprinting makes you infinite sprint
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Holding down ctrl and sprinting makes you able to sprint up hills, when your legs are wounded. When holding no weapon and doing this you can run on the sea bed.


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Steps To Reproduce

hold w
hold shift to sprint or toggle sprint
hold ctrl
you can then release w and sprint
run up vertical hills that should slow you, run while legs are wounded.
do the actions without holding a weapon and sprint underwater

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This bug/exploit should get some higher priority now Adam, since it's getting more and more abused by the community in competitive servers such as Battle Royale Mod, Epoch, KoTH, etc.

Fix please Bohemia!

If you guys at Bohemia actually care for your games (and the brand) I'd really recommend that you assign this bug an actual priority rating. Bugs like this one are toxic for competitive games and you can either shine by fixing it or show that you don't care for your fanbase by further ignoring it. Please fix this, thanks!

Really heavy bug in competitive games....

Fix this at some point please, some bugs can be ignored because they are only slightly inconvenient where as this one is borderline abusive.

Adam added a comment.Aug 3 2015, 1:10 PM

Im no longer able to reproduce it could you please check if its still possible to reproduce on steam stable / dev?

ChuWie added a comment.Aug 6 2015, 9:51 AM

It got fixed partially.
I'm no longer able to reproduce running in a seabed on stable branch, however one of the initial concerns of this ticket still persist as exploitable in the current stable branch 1.48

"Holding ctrl while sprinting makes you infinite sprint"
"Holding down ctrl and sprinting makes you able to sprint up hills"

Adam added a comment.Aug 10 2015, 10:35 AM

ChuWie are you using Steam Dev or Stable?

As mentioned, I tested it on stable branch.
I will take some time later today and will test it on dev branch as well.

Ok, I could test it quicker than expected.

I can confirm all the issues/exploitation mentioned in this ticket have been successfully solved in the Dev build (tested with v1.49.131774)

  • Character can no longer infinite sprint w/o taking a rest
  • can no longer run full speed uphills
  • can no longer run under seabed

Marvelous, thanks BI !!