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Pushing Ctrl while zoomed in zooms you out
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Whenever you push Ctrl (for example to adjust stance) while holding your Zoom-In button will immediately zoom you out.

If you push and hold Ctrl and try to zoom it nothing will happen.


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Steps To Reproduce

Method A:
Zoom in
Push Ctrl

Method B:
Push and hold Ctrl
Try to zoom in

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New information discovered:
The bug happens because the default Optics Mode key is Ctrl+RMB (Switching from CQB to magnifying sights).

It wasn't a problem in the past though...

ceeeb added a comment.Sep 18 2015, 7:34 AM

Agree, since alpha release (well Arma 2 really) I have been used similar key bindings (RMB = temp zoom, CTRL+RMB = swap optics, CTRL = hold breath) and could hold RMB to zoom temporary and hold CTRL to hold breath without any issues, but suddenly this issue has been introduced.

It's strange that you say this - because this issue has been fixed since 1.48. You must be referring something else.

This issue may be fixed for you, but I still have it in dev build 1.53.132523.

I have reset all key bindings to Arma 3 preset, but the issue remains.

I have also tested on my laptop, which still has this issue using stable 1.50.131969, with both my custom keybinds listed above and the Arma 3 preset bindings.