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Add "Misc. Item" item type for general items to show in Arsenal
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At the moment Arsenal will only show items with a certain functionality in the "Misc. Items" category on Uniform/Vest/Backpack. As it stands those items are:

Mine Detector
First Aid Kit

For any mod creator to have their items show up in this category, they need to be classified as one as the above. The negative effect is that this will also give that item the abilities of that item. For example this is what the ACE3 mod currently does:
class CfgWeapons {

class ItemCore;
class ACE_ItemCore: ItemCore {
    type = 4096;
    detectRange = -1;
    simulation = "ItemMineDetector";

All of their items, for example bandages, morphine and the like, will inherit from that base class and therefore show up in Arsenal. Unfortunately that also makes these items into mine detectors, breaking mine detection if the MineDetector item is also equipped (see #23921 and #23926).

Any of the other options above aren't much better.

So we need a way to classify an item as a "Misc. Item", so that Arsenal will show it and we don't end up breaking existing functionality.


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We're currently planning an engine solution for misc item interaction. Until then, I'm afraid there is no temporary fix planned.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Just to consider: It would be very helpful if one could define via the item config what VA category an item should be listed in and to have that as the only condition for an item to appear in that category (no requirements as to the assigned slot, simulation or anything else).

Here is an example that is similar to the issue described in the OP, just with different side-effects:
Community implements their own GPS device(s) (i.e. like cTab or the MicroDAGR in ACE3). In order to get them to show in the GPS category in VA where they make most sense, one has to configure the item with simulation = "ItemGPS";. The unwanted side-effect of that is now the item will automatically be moved to the GPS slot in your inventory (might be deemed okay for some devices, but maybe not others, i.e. a Tablet), CTRL+M now gives you the default GPS (the one you are trying to replace) and your main map will show a cross-hair on your current location.

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CBA now added a kinda workaround for this: