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Implement Direct X 12 support
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I recommend for development team to look up the possibilities to implement it if it's not that difficult. Users with DX 12 therefore could get additional performance boost in the future, as well as make Arma 3 Windows 10 ready at some point.


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bump please at least reply to this feedback i have low frames on i5 760 @ 3,0 ghz
i want this implemented just because of frames boost

I can see so much potential ArmA 3 will have if it supports DX12. It can finally add more features and implement CPU heavy task. Maybe fix the issue of the game holding the GPU and CPU usage back than fully using their potential because of some issue. I hope this gets implemented.

DX12? yes, but first make a 64bits product.

R34P3R added a subscriber: R34P3R.May 8 2016, 12:00 PM

Will be nice

you should have sdk as game developer
dayz is moving to dx11\12 engine this end of month :D

:D Please yes! Let it happen!

is any chance to make it for patch 1,50 on august ? pls let us know something for this. we NEED this dx12 support !!

And pls check the memory handling on Windows 10... Arma is not running verry good on the new OS. I always get Memory warnings but still 4 GB free

I highly doubt this is going to happen anytime soon. Especially in patch 1.50...

@Reaper i have a workaround for memory warnings
1 is to set window basic theme and deactivate all visual graphic for the sistem.
when you exit from arma the system will reactivate the window aero theme ecc
2 don't forget to run the game as administrator and use virtual memory even if you have 16 or 8gb of ram

i have resolved in this way

Will try this after work. thanks

VashCZ added a subscriber: VashCZ.May 8 2016, 12:00 PM

60% CPU load(each core) and 30% up to 60% GPU load, 20 FPS in towns, up to 40FPS on flatlands = I stopped playing game 3/4 a year before and I am not stressed anymore, but still want to play it!

Is DX 12 able to help? Should I await for it as performance booster? Or rather expect nothing?

Well, if not for performance help, at least game is going to look better, thumb up.

this will help a lot but need engine supports that dx.
Not in 1,50 but HURRY UP!!!

I dont think this will fix the CPU Load !

Will only boost the Draw Calls... and complete uninteresting for Servers. So you will still not get more FPS on MP Servers until the NetCode is like it is.

My new graphiccard doesnt support DX 12, Game is using 32 bit structure - lets just change game to use 64 bits and it will be ok, DX 12 wont change anything in FPS matter. Radeon R9 270C - i wasnt buyed it just to buy new one.

I think people are thinking about what they might change when implementing DX12.

optimizing draw calls means optimizing the usage of multicore and Gpu to work toghether. In term of server means if you have a xeon 8 core and 16 thread you will have a lot of boost.
If i have understood the netcode (server fps=client fps and this depend on scripts too) if a full server had 100 frame you will have at least 60 frames

server with 100 frames LOL

@Stpuccio89 - Server does not use any GPU...

Changing to DX 12 will unlock new graphic options, but dont change any FPS, or change it in bad way. First, the base point, is to set game to 64 bit structure, beacuse all of us (mostly) use 64 bit systems, and game is using 40% power of our machines. Thats all, Dx 12 can be optionall, but seriosuly it will be useless. For all who want to better graphics i recomend : (no prefrormance drops)
and (for better rig's pc's)

And who have so strong machines as 8 cores?! 10% of gamers?

Arma 3 doesn't use more then 4 cores properly. That were DX12 come in. It will help with core utilization. From 2 to 6 cores.

Yeah, but hopefully optionally. I will be not able to play it. Just like half of users, beacuse of graphic card.

@Reaper: why not use gpu and cpu instead of cpu only ?
@freexavier: that's was what i mean't :D

i have 4 cores and i see : 80% 20% 20% 20% Gpu 30 % of usage=bootleneck is possible if you dont have enough speed (up to 3 - 3,5 Ghz)
why not have ALL cores to 80 or 100 % and Gpu on 80 % ???
whith DX 12 you can have this and can be optional too

Well, does anybody tried to diferent "power magement plan" in windows? Try to set high performance.
Its a shame the game is so poorly optimizes, but DX 12 wont change this. Game just need optimize to get proper performance.

What is it that changes with different power managment plan? Nothing!

So why Microsoft developer putted it in windows? THINK! "High performance" is there for some reason. You can disable CPU parking feature to gain few FPS more if that not helps