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Decreased UAV functionality on higher difficulties, missing waypoint settings
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  1. UAV waypoint functionality
  • We cannot set UAV speed for our liking - which is very useful if using Stomper UGV to assist in your assault, as one example.
  • We're missing some of the most useful altitude settings in aerial UAVs. Currently we've got low altitudes which are good for Darter, then there are 500m and 2000m settings.

Nothing inbetween.
And there should be; for these reasons:
Setting UAV altitude to 750, 1000 or 1500 meters is very useful, as it still allows picture-in-picture UAV capability (default TAB) to render objects and maintain low detectibility by ground units.

Flying 500m above allows UAV to be detected, while flying 2000m above makes you unable to use PIP camera effectively, as the objects do not draw. We need more altitude settings.

  • Some of the waypoint types are useless for UAVs
  1. UAV camera issues.
  • Stabilization - it's quite good, but on multiplayer and sometimes on singleplayer it tends to be weird and shaky, especially in PIP.
  • Objects draw distance in PIP - it's too low to allow efficient use of higher altitude reconnaissance.
  1. UAV attached waypoint issues.
  • On difficulties that don't display units on the map (elite and veteran(?) I believe) you cannot make UAV or UGV follow other units. This must be unintended consequence of the setting, as the function to "follow" is still present - we can make UAV follow other UAV, since both of them are rendered on the map, but we can't make UAV follow infantry or vehicles, and that should definitely be possible.

The issue of reduced functionality needs to be looked into, as it takes away some of the fun UAVs provide.

  • Some of attached waypoint settings are missing.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Editor
  2. Place UAVs of your choice and an playable operator
  3. Fiddle around with difficulty to see "attached waypoint" issues; unability to make your UAV track your movement
  4. Lock camera on something and try using PIP from different distances in different modes.
  5. Attach "follow" waypoint to player unit using Darter, monitor your movement with PIP camera, locking it onto yourself. Note the camera tends to be shaky, UAV sometimes moves in unpredictable and weird ways.
  6. Play around with waypoints. Note lack of speed setting for the waypoints

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Regarding the altitude setting, the possibility to manually set the value can be the best and more versatile solution.

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