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Texture of the earth and horizon in a network game.
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I examine the horizon at distance 2-3 kilometers round the position. I can see that has to be hidden by texture of a surface of the earth. All tops of hills the transparent. All constructions and rocks in air. Equipment and the people wishing to keep the hidden situation are visible. It should not depend on settings of range of a portrayal of objects and textures. It should not be transparent as constructions and rocks are not transparent.

All this is broken in a game. You think - you it isn't visible. But it can be not so.

On the majority of servers, control intentionally for economy of load of the server and the client.


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Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  • To open the editor
  • to place the commander of office on the card
  • mission start
  • To watch in the field-glass on relbef mountains
  • To open setting up video. Option "Landscape". We change quality options.

It is possible to see as the top of the mountain changes. Invisible structures appear and disappear.

Additional Information

Any player or AI will be found on a position. It opens your position for the opponent. Violation of the principle of visibility, you awake are found, or you will find the opponent from a position where it should not occur.
Servers save on settings. Are afraid to establish the parameter of the game "landscape" high value. The aspiration is directed on receiving high FPS. On my supervision, the landscape parameter does not influence falling of FPS. Parameir vlyat "landscape" on use of VRam.
As a result, settings of game at me as do not influence obtaining quality of a landscape. We receive transparent mountains. We see everything that is hidden behind a landscape. It becomes not honest in game. I consider that at the value below landscape parameter "high" should not be.

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Yeas, i can agree. Lower terrain details should mean, that only objects on it are not rendered, or its is rendered on very low detail, but not transparent.

This invisible TEXTURE situation at a distance has been here since arma 2.
I agree with it needs to be fixed for realism, but I don't think a fix is the right word. Maybe a modification of the lowest setting to be 1600m since most servers use this server side setting as default view distance.

I use 2.3KM render distance (view and object) and high terrain detail - same situation. My opion is that game should not been released. Its still unfinished project and propably it will be lefted as it is. Problem is they rushed too fast with releasing Alpha, Beta etc. and they havent so free hand, to creating game, they started to fixing issues instead finishing their product.

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That's what happens when you see the enemy on the top of the hill where the landscape on the server average or below.
All that you hear after that, it's not going to be about fair play.

Its just like cheat tool. Definetly should be fixed immidently.

+1, still waiting for the fix.

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Its absurd its still not fixed. One of reason why i hate multiplayer.....

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This continues to be a problem in multiplayer. This parameter should not have a position, below the ultra, for the network game. Used by scammers to scan the horizon and scans the presence of the enemy in places where it should not be visible.

I realy cant understand why its such a problem to fix it.