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Ai Driving reverse
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AI still cant drive reverse. People, how many times before players have reported this? How is this possible that main feature of the game is not working?! Its just like in Call Of Duty you cant shoot from rifles, you can just use melee. People, its most important feature in tank commanding and it is not working! Since 6 months!!


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Get in full crewed tank and order ai driver to drive reverse

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Seriously, this need to be fixed ASAP!

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Upvoting specially for BIS so they can see this bug is still present - issue IS NOT RESOLVED

One more Resolved unresolved. It's so good for stats.That's the hard life of duplicated posts (sometime, developers don't read and consider things as duplicated).

Not only reverse gear is rotten, but when a vehicle hurts a rock, you can be sure the steering gear sway is always in the same direction, so you could spend hours waiting for a free way.

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I'm starting to regret i buyed this game..... This need fixing, but i sayed it before, so only thing i can write more - WE (about 10 000 players) WAITING FOR FIX.

PS: Please be true for/to the players and mark this on real STATUS.

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My issue is about tracked vehicles and driving backward, but its connected i guess. I cant believe its marked as "resolved".... Its like talking people that black is white, and white is black.

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In what way is driving back still an issue, I just tried it in VR and it is much better than it was 6 months ago.

Yes there is still the occasional issue, it did stop at one point and wouldn't move in any direction until I took over driving for a second.
Also a certain combination of directions does launch the tank onto two wheels now and then.

I'd be more happy if they could get the AI to drive from point A to point B without destroying itself.

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OK, in virtual arsenal it works (TOTALLY ZERO OBJECTS!!!!), but read what i sayed - it dont work when there is any objects nearby - for example in cities (even on streets) villages, forests, fields (stoned fences makes a problem as well). People dont play missions in virtual arsenal.

Sure! Tanks with tracks and cars with wheels don't have the same logic for reverse (try right/left backward) and that's normal! But have an AI car stuck by a rock and you can wait for a loooong time before being freed. You just want to take driver's place!

Sorry i didnt updates you - i use VCOM AI Driving Mod, it fixes wheeled AI problems very good. Only problem remaining are tracked vehicles.

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