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Ability to switch from pilot/co-pilot seat to passenger (and back) on a few helicopters
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There appears to be doorways on the Huron and Mohawk which would be useful for emergency purposes to switch seats for the pilot to jump out or have some other unit fly. {F26036} {F26037} {F26038} {F26039}


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The helicopter has a large space inside for the interaction of all crew members and passengers. But there are no functions for using space. Pilots can not change places in the cabin or in the cabin.
The passenger compartment has a restriction on the use of the passenger compartment.
You can change the landing site between all places from:

  • place arrow left
  • place arrow right
  • left hand window seat
  • right window hand
  • passenger seat

But as soon as you sit down in the passenger seat, you will lose any opportunity to change the landing place inside the helicopter.
This limits the use and functionality of the helicopter and the interaction of the crew.

P.S. The second pilot is useless and non-functional. Details on this ticket

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