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Marksmen DLC sonic cracks too loud and overall weird
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Since the DLC, those sonic cracks of bullets flying by are way too overboard. Too loud, and they basically sound like someone actually shooting at you, not like that pre-DLC "crack", which was realistic, but now they sound like actual gunshots.

No matter if its friendly sniper support shooting way over your head, or an enemy shooting at somebody else, as soon as bullets fly by, they sound like someone is sitting right next or behind you with a suppressed SMG shooting at you. It literally hurts my ears now.

No matter if the bullets are WAY over your head or slightly miss your cranium, they all sound the same, and overly loud. What happened to the pre-DLC sonic cracks, they were JUST included and now replaced again? They were JUST FINE, too btw. Bring back old sonic cracks.


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So resolved means, seen, shrugged, laughed and closed, or what?

This cant be, without any statement whatsoever, but I see lots of reports being closed shortly after being visited by BIS.

There seems to be a huge problem with sonic cracks if they all sound the same regardless of muzzle velocity of the round, caliber, distance traveled, etc. etc.; that this FEEDBACK is already closed as "not a bug" and got 4 negative votes (from BIS maybe?) speaks for itself.

It's not about getting used to the new sounds, I'm following BIS Arma games since OFP from 2001 - I have my giant share of experience; it's about the A) second sound overhaul in 1 month - sounds were just changed, now its all changed again for no reason at all esp. since the sonic cracks pre-DLC were PERFECT sounding, and B) sonic cracks IRL are loud, but not as loud as a LMG being fired at you from 1m, and right now sonic cracks ARE way too loud and blow your eardrums out, nearly.

I could live with the bad quality recording of those, but the volume has to drop by at least 50%, and esp. when range between passing bullet and listener is more than 2 feet.

Right now the shots are, I cant repeat it often enough, sounding too loud, and even more so since bullets going 20m right of the listener sound like they are gunshots fired by the listener himself.

If BIS doesnt believe it, there is plenty of vids out there of misses and close calls where you here a "snap whiz crack", but right now, the only ARMA3 sonic crack we have is the "BOOOM" (howitzer firing-like) SFX.

That so little people have come here to complain and instead are on BP, reddit and other forums means, that rather than "your" "splendid" product, they use or will use mods like JSRS and whatnot.

And using mods to prevent having your eardrums blown out by a bullet passing you 50 feet away, is that the right way to treat me, and every other paying customer?

Your duty is to look into it, gather intel and if it really turns out to be a problem to people (not YOU, BIS, YOUR USERBASE!), you need to change it.

I would love to test it, but i cant update game. But with update 1.36 sonic cracs was very loud too. Normal sonic cracs was delivered with 1.40 but with statement was described as "work in progress". I'm voting up, beacuse prewious sonickcrack was too loud for mee (from all distances sounds like right next to you), and BTW, i started using JSRS too

Bucic added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 2:33 PM

Same problem here. It started with the Marksmen dlc for me.
And Iam curious as well how this issue could be marked as a 'no bug'. If I set volume level do that I barely hear crickets at night, gunfight sounds are literally deafening!

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The current soundsystem is very experimental. Even though, in my opinion, it's unfortunate that its added to the non-dev game (stable branch), it's because it's longterm development that is added throughout the year. BIS has a small sound team, but it's aware of all the problems and working on it.

For details:

Bucic added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 5:14 PM

Plans is one thing but I was referring to this particular feedback entry. There doesn't seem to be another one dealing with the same issue and yet this one has been marked as resolved.

My guess is that most sound related bug reports will be closed, because they're not considered bugs but work in progress. Maybe another type of closed would be more appropriate than 'resolved'.

Lower your game volume to 25-50 % for a better balance. I personally use 30%, YMMV.

@ Bullhorn

Yeah, and then you can't hear environment sounds and footsteps.


Feel free to watch any of Dslyecxi's last videos or even my own videos. Proper balance can be easily achieved with some volume slider tweaking, even with the current very WIP status of the game audio.

Bucic added a comment.Jun 23 2015, 9:43 AM

@ Bullhorn
You should definitely send a message to BI. They are wasting their time balancing the audio as we speak while it can be achieved by a slider to a large degree.

They're aware of the sound issues. Telling them "bring back the old" is not constructive and was rightfully closed by Adam.

When you have something concise to report you're going to get different replies.

Bucic added a comment.Jun 23 2015, 2:37 PM

@ Bullhorn
The bringing back came because this should not have landed in the stable branch. No one is telling BI to stop working on sound improvements.

And no, nothing out there tells us they are aware of this particular issue.

PS. There are no sound mods compatible with the post-marksmen arma releases to the best of my knowledge.