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#login has no effect on dedicated server
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#login command on (real) dedicated server has no effect. Same server config, just patched to 1.42, no mods and it is not possible to login with the admin password specified in server.cfg.

Server log:
Falsches Admin-Passwort eingegeben durch Spieler: NeoArmageddon, SpielerUID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, IP: (Home Network IP of my current adapter).
(translated: Wrong admin password entered by player....)

Password is definitly correct. server.cfg is loaded correctly.
Other players produce the same errors in the server with their respective local adapter IP. {F25993} {F25994}


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Try to login on a dedicted server.

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#vote admin works as expected but is no solution for public servers as a voted admin could be overthrown by players.

The tested server has a password and Battleye disabled.

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SINE added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 12:29 AM

I can confirm this, the dedicated server states the following in the rpt log:
23:29:00 Wrong admin password entered by player: SINE, playerUID: <censored>, IP: <censored>:2304.

Interestingly, the logged IP is not mine and also not the server's (on the local net).

looks like it is your ip on home network

SINE added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 12:29 AM

oh... yeah it is
that's weird... the server is remote

we need to know your IP (local,external) if you have multiple NIC on the client
same goes for the server

plus ideally to know whole route via tracert command

please post this information as private reply

in meantime as workaround use BattlEye RCON

  1. We had Battleye disabled while testing (passworded server).
  2. It's definitly not a problem with one single client as multiple people (different IP) tried to log in and everyone got refused.
  3. My IP and the whole tracert changed since yesterday ;)

And the IP the server shows for the player with the wrong password is indeed the local home network IP if the players adapter.

I can confirm this bug. I cannot log in to my server with the admin password.

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Strange experience on our server. 2 server running in the same environnement but with differents executable.

First one work like charm when trying to log in as admin with #login

Second refuse any Password.

Try to change the second Password admin like the first one... And it works...

Functionnal password have 5 letters (all minuscule)

non functionnal server has a password with 8 letters....

Ours has 7 letters. Will try with 5 later today.

Edit: 5 letter password works

I can confirm that 5 letter password works xD

i can confirm this bug. with my 8 letter lower case adminpassword i can't login. Serverconsole shows "Wrong admin password entered"

I had the exact issue and setting the admin password to 5 letters or less worked fine. Despite this I see this as a workaround not a solution as 5 letters is laughably insecure as a password.

@InAUGral there is brute force protection in place after a few unsuccessful attempts there comes cooldown during which all input is ignored

Nife added a subscriber: Nife.May 8 2016, 11:51 AM
Nife added a comment.Apr 12 2015, 4:57 PM

+1 on this. Experiencing everything down to the 5-letter-password working fix and I'd rather have a more secure password back.

Adam added a comment.Apr 15 2015, 9:32 AM

Hello, could you please attach your server config file and server .rpt file? Thank you.

I attached a fresh rpt (with a failed #login attempt) and the corresponding server config and server log.

I also noticed that the word "password" and a 7-letter password only containing the characters a,b,c,1,2,3,4 also works. So it may not only be a problem with the length, but also the characters in a password.

And BTW: The server is a Win2008 dedicated server. Just saying because Joris wrote in the Spotrep that they know about the password issue with linux servers.

On further investiagation: Looks like the only password that does not work, is the password we used before the update. Caching issue?

Adam added a comment.Apr 15 2015, 10:36 AM

Thanks Neo, this has been a huge help. Our QA Lead is sending you his regards :)

Just an FYI. I can confirm that I am also running Win2008 server and having this issue.

Ferret added a subscriber: Ferret.May 8 2016, 11:51 AM

Can confirm, cannot #login. Server is a Linux box, using same password as found in server.cfg.

Tried restarting/verifying game cache and eventually re-installing the game to a new hard drive but no cigar.

Friend who hasn't updated Arma3 yet to the newest update is able to login fine.
Also tried changing the password, before it was "n00b" now I changed it to "nooblet".

19:31:17 Wrong admin password entered by player: Ferret, playerUID: 76561197999380517, IP:
19:31:25 Wrong admin password entered by player: Ferret, playerUID: 76561197999380517, IP:
19:31:25 Wrong admin password entered by player: Ferret, playerUID: 76561197999380517, IP:
19:31:29 Wrong admin password entered by player: Ferret, playerUID: 76561197999380517, IP:
19:31:29 Wrong admin password entered by player: Ferret, playerUID: 76561197999380517, IP:

Going to have to confirm this too...

As of the 1.42 Hotpatch, I'm unable to use #login with any length password, all passwords are entered correctly as well.

17:48:45 Wrong admin password entered by player: Fox888, playerUID: 76561197984970139, IP:
17:48:56 Wrong admin password entered by player: Fox888, playerUID: 76561197984970139, IP:
17:49:00 Wrong admin password entered by player: Fox888, playerUID: 76561197984970139, IP:
17:50:13 Wrong admin password entered by player: Fox888, playerUID: 76561197984970139, IP:

We were getting the same thing. There was a patch released Thursday that addressed it. Ran steamcmd to update the server (had to run it a couple of times - running it once didn't resolve the problem, running it a second time said that the server was already up to date but it did remove a couple of queued files). After making sure server was up to date and that Steam had downloaded the update to the game, the original password worked again.

EXE version

Same for me, cannot login as admin with #login nothing happens, i do not know if it is your arma update to 1.42 or if the server was hacked? but very strange i have two different dedicated servers with same issue. I tried changing passwords with no succes.

Is there a solution ?

I have tried to replicate the same error on a Windows box, but it seems to be logging in fine on my Windows Arma3 server. Not sure if that's because it's on LAN though.

I have been experiencing this same issue since the last patch. I am running on a WinServer 2012R2 box.

Same here with any lenght password. Can't login, server says wrong password entered from private IP address (192.168.x.x).

I want to note that the recent update (Hotfix 1.42) fixed the issue for me once I set it back to the original password longer than 5 characters.

Hello, I am having this issue and my password is about 12 characters long. I am running this on windows/gameserver using vilayer - I am pretty sure the recent hotfix broke it.

Were having the same issue on our dedicated server boxes. 5 letter passwords was working but today our password wouldn't work and had to reset it again to another 5 letter password.

1.42 Hotfix fixed it for me.
The server log still shows weird IPs when admin logs in, but the password is accepted.


SnR added a subscriber: SnR.May 8 2016, 11:51 AM
SnR added a comment.Apr 28 2015, 1:45 PM

1.42 hotfix did not work for our hosted servers.

I am still seeing this issue on our servers as well.

EDIT: Turns out steamcmd didn't update the hotfix for some strange reason. I had to run it 3 times to get it to grab it then it works as before.

In summation, the latest hotfix works with the expected password.

igeighty added a subscriber: igeighty.EditedMay 24 2016, 4:17 PM

digging an old thread...

I am using linux Debian 8.4 to run Arma3 server 1.58 and i am having this issue also.

I have reinstalled under a different user on the linux box, using steamCMD and problem persists

Logging in user 'igeighty_arma' to Steam Public...Logged in OK
Waiting for license info...OK
Success! App '233780' already up to date.

password is correct as per server.cfg.

happens intermittently, cannot nail down exact steps to reproduce it.

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