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BIS Binarize cannot read Arma 3 P3Ds
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Arma 3 placed objects in Terrain Builder aren't showing on the in-game map.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create basic terrain
  2. Place A3 objects
  3. Pack
  4. Observe in-game map

See Kunduz for a live example.

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Also the tree green polygon grouping on the in-game map isn't working either.

so it means that binarizaation is able to read info about already binarized models during map binarization right?
because in BISim we always use unbinarized models onlythat's the fundamental difference between in-house development and community devel. you guys work with mlod, we are obliged to use odol. It leads to a lot of gotcha's at the construction stage.

As for actually creating a wrp, bis binarise only works with odols, not mlod, the opposite of what you'd expect. The reasoning being that to build an island, someone somewhere has already binarised the models in some other pbo packing process. (They're all in temp).

The problem with that is, bis binarise cannot read type 59.60 or 64 p3d's. It can make them, but not read them. This then leads to missing icons and no animations.

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Hello and thank you for your feedback.

We are currently working on resolving this nasty issue.


Could you, please, try with the new version of Binarize?

Rebuilt Kunduz with Mikero tools, issue appears to be fixed for now. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback :)

do you have a link to the old exe , the new one os presenting lots of problems on Terrain binarising whilst handling the p3ds and i would like to cross refference in my build environment to narrow it down to the new Binarise xausing problems

P.S this is not anything to do with PBO project of Mikero only official tools


Hello, about the old exe, I must say no. But, what kind of problem, can you precise?

Regarding the tools used, I'm not sure to understand.
And in addition

Whilst you have fixed james problem , he uses pboproject , this has an intelligent understanding to copy p3d to temp folder that are used on a terrain so when the terrain is binarised it understands class from proprties .

However whatever fix you did to make pbo project work has now broken your own tools when using bis workflow .


Reverted Binarise. exe and all working now