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Sound too loud over long distance (Snipers will understand)
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I don't know if this is intentional, but you can hear gunshots from over 1.4km away...

As a sniper, I can be heard and pinpointed from such distances. Even with a silencer, I can be heard from roughly 500m away.

Taking a shot from this range gives me two options.

  1. Shoot and get the hell out of there.
  2. Shoot and have their entire team pinpoint my location and render me dead in minutes.

Unless I can snipe from across the map, I think there needs to be some sort of way around this...

Range can be set over such distance by using different video settings...
(was unaware due to the poor CPU optimization and playing on low end settings on a high end pc...)
(Game code really needs tidying up =o) {F25959}


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Hello and thank you for your feedback.

Could you please try to reproduce this issue again on 1.42 when it comes out? Or alternatively you can switch to Steam Dev and try to reproduce the issue there.

So you're mad that you can't snipe in silence? IDK if you know this, but you can hear guns over 1km. Get better at sniping and repositioning.

This latest DEV build has gunshots becoming MUTE at 400m which is ridiculous, I hope they didn't listen to you. If you don't understand how guns work, don't make recommendations about them in a very realistic game.

You are seriously complaining that a sniper caliber weapon can be heard at a mere FIVE HUNDRED METERS!?

I'm tired of arcade kiddies saying what Arma should be.

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Thanks Adam, I'll try Steam Dev! :)

Frank, Go on multiplayer and try sniping someone from 1.4km away. Good luck my friend.

Not mad, I can snipe perfectly well thanks, but when you've got the distance settings on the highest it can go, and sniping from the furthest possible location to your target, to only have them point out your location and send the entire team over, it makes sniping useless.

And try shooting a (real person) target 1.4km away using a silencer.
(That's most likely a 2 shot to kill incase you didn't know)

I understand that it's a realistic game, but in terms of the view distance to sniping range ratio, it's like sniping from across the map and being able to hear where the shot came from. You nugget.

How un-spottable do you expect to be?

If you need to be impossible to find to not be frustrated then you aren't a good sniper.

You keep talking about maximum view distance and then say 1.4km is too far, 1.4km is FAR below the max viewing range. The default is 2km and can go to 12KM!.

"I understand that it's a realistic game, but in terms of the view distance to sniping range ratio, it's like sniping from across the map and being able to hear where the shot came from. You nugget."

You can see FAR MORE THAN 1.4KM and it's perfectly reasonable to hear an assault rifle caliber or higher beyond 1km.

You DO NOT UNDERSTAND SNIPING, this isn't battlefield 1.4km isn't across the map.

"And try shooting a (real person) target 1.4km away using a silencer.
(That's most likely a 2 shot to kill incase you didn't know)"

Silencers reduce long range effectiveness, deal with it. You want sniping to be unbeatable and that would ruin the game. You want to have unlimited range, be silent, and insta-kill, that's not realistic, it's not even fun, buzz off!

If you don't like a realistic game, stop playing it. Snipers can be found at 1km+, deal with it. You just want to sit back at range and shoot people with no vulnerability, that's nonsense.

Slopax added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 5:32 PM

Alright, well thanks for your "feedback" Mr.Rage (Calm the hell down.)
I'm giving feedback, not shooting your family.

You can stop being so prejudice aswell, I know how sniping works, but I didn't know the maximum view distance was 12km, CPU utilization on multiplayer is not exactly the best, so I'm playing on medium / low settings, which allows 1200 metres at most. (And I'm playing on a rather fast pc)

I didn't say half the stuff you're automatically presuming. I'm saying that before the update, the sound engine was more preferable for some.

"Medium" and "low" settings aren't available options for view distance it is a slider, no other graphic option limits how long you can make the distance.

What EXACTLY is wrong with the sound being audible from that range when you yourself admitted before the update it was fine? Before the update you could still hear sniper shots from far away!

Your complaints and statements are full of contradictions.

I'm not presuming anything, you just aren;t making sense.

Slopax added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 9:05 PM

"no other graphic option limits how long you can make the distance."
Um... Yea... It does... I'm on about the preset drop down menu, when it's set to low or whatever, it limits the slider to a certain amount.

Presuming things once more, I'm not complaining, I'm giving feedback.

I'm not making sense, okay. Maybe the following points will help you understand what I'm trying to get across, if it wasn't already clear enough...

Gunshot sounds travel slightly too far, possibly nerf this just a little?

There we go. If you can't understand that then I recommend going to a nursery school.

In the real world certain frequencies made by gunfire and explosions can be detected several kilometres away by the human ear depending on terrain, air pressure, wind etc...

The in game sound in ARMA 3 is far too quiet and should be much louder over distance.

There is NO LOGIC that supports the idea that " Gunshot sounds travel slightly too far" why do you think your request is disliked more than liked? Because people with brains know that gunshots actually go MUCH FARTHER than they do now.

There is no drop down setting for distance, period! Are you even palying the same game?

You aren't making sense because you said the last build's sound was fine, but it also allowed you to hear snipers at these distances, so why was the last build okay? It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

You gave yourself the advice that will help you with the fact that snipers aren't invisible, insta-kill angels of silent death.

"Shoot and get the hell out of there."

Snipers displace after a few shots, at least shots taken in rapid succession.

Slopax added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 9:38 PM

Bring up some feedback and suddenly everyone has a degree in physics....

I'm giving feedback about the GAME, jesus christ calm down guys. :)

I was just saying... before the sound engine update, it was much nicer in terms of gameplay, calm your tits.

End of discussion

"I'm playing on medium / low settings, which allows 1200 metres at most."

You should be able to adjust your view distance setting up to 12'000m regardless of what quality setting you are using(it should simply switch from "low" to "custom", leaving all the other values where they would be for "low"). Of course object draw distance is limited to overall draw distance at maximum, but you should be able to push both of them up to 12km even on low - and enjoy a verry low framerate :)

If you are hard-limited to 1'200 it's probably because you are on a multiplayer server. View-Distance is usually defined by the server, unless the scenario runs special scripts.

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Did BIS really take this request seriously ? Because I was looking to see if anyone else reported that sound attenuation is screwed right now, making all the loud weapons inaudible even at short ranges but found this ticket instead.

I see some point. If i use Silenced sniper rifle i CANNOT BEE visible to enemy at 400 meters away - HE CANNOT HEAR ME! If i shoot to nemiy at 2km (example) he cannot see me, but game engine allows AI (freakin uber AI) see and hear everything.

And all silenced weapons should be able to hear only up to 20 meters - AI are NOW hearing them from all distances, and instantly react by know exacly your position > AI are simlutaing some behavior but not human.

Seriously Vlad?

Like I said, more people who know nothing about guns making recommendations for them in a simulator.

SUPPRESSED (they aren't silencers) weapons are still pretty damn loud, especially sniper calibers, the suppressor reduces the sounds ability to be directionally tracked, but it is still audible for a good distance, far more than 20 or even 200 meters.

I did some testing on 1.40 and the current devbranch (1.43somewhat)

Gunsounds are louder/audible at longer ranges on 1.40 than on devbranch.

On 1.40 the LRR and the GM6 are _technically_ audible at ranges of up to 1'500m, altough they are both verry quiet at this distance. Footsteps are way louder and you have to pay attention to be able to hear them above the ambient background noises. A team of surprised players should not be able to pinpoint the location of a sniper based on audio alone - unless the sniper fires multiple shots in rapid succession AND the squad keeps calm and listens verry carefully.

All in all I prefer the "loudness" on 1.40 over the current devbuild where assault rifles are barely audible at distances >300.

(Testing scenario is attached")

being able to be heard from 500m away with a suppressed rifle firing super sonic rounds sounds about right.

500m is not that long of a distance and a person with good hearing should be able to at least detect the direction of the rounds even with the suppressor.

Sorry - one zero missing in my comment. I know a little bit about supressed weapons, beacuse i was working on shooting range for 3 months. I know they are hearable, but not so much as not supressed. We were testing SVD with supressor and it was much more quiet than M24 for example. It all depends of ammunition, round type, place from where you shoot, and off course weather condition. Gibonez with all respect, 500 meters is good only for few weapons with 12,7mm.

I see little problem with it. As i worked vith vlad_8011 on the same shooting range but little longer AFTER military experience (i never want to repeat it other than in games) i need to speak a little about subsonic and supersonic ammo.
Indeed chief lefted us with vlad and SVD and we have great fun for hour or longer, with unlimited options (as chief wasn't present).

Soniccracks IN GAME are hearable too loud over distance - if i'm 10 meters from sonic crack i should NOT hear it like it was 2 meters right? Same with 20 meters and more - soniccrack seems to have only one volume level and this is the problem.

The ammo is other factor, i have shooting from Ruger 77/22 (same as on this video and subsonic ammo have lower speed from the barrel than supersonic = it more quiet. If you add factor named "supressor" it will drascticly kill at longer ranges, but will be almost no hearable - this is sniper rifle .22 so its not pistol from James Bond movie.

I think ticket topic is right and there will be many votes against, but detecting marksman from even 600 meters is damm hard, EVEN IF YOU HEARD SONIC CRACK. As i spent 13 years in army privates corps i know what i'm saying.