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Please leave the stance modifier in the controls (along with the new adjust method)
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I was trying to play the development build today for the new marksman DLC but my key bindings were not how I had set them. When i tried to put my stance control modifier back on my mouse it would not let me because of the way you have changed the key binding so that it is individual for each stance up and down. I use left control for teamspeak push to talk in every game i play including arma. This is not something i can just change because there are not enough buttons on the keyboard. Changing PTT to my mouse does not work either because i use a joystick when i fly and it also comes with other complications in windows to use that as my PTT keybind for teamspeak. So all i am asking is please leave the option in to use a modifier for your stances (hold mouse button 4 + w,s) so i can continue to enjoy arma, thank you.


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Change keybindings, realize that you cannot set it up the way it was before.

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I disagree. I like the fact that adjust isn't hardwired to [Adjust Key] +(W,A,S,D)

The only thing I agree with is letting you use mouse button - key combos.

As of right now you can only combine 2 keys, not a mouse button and a key.

For me of course, this is not an issue as I have a gaming mouse. I can set it so that I can press anyone of my 10 mouse buttons + W,A,S,D.

I have a Logitech G700s

I also have a gaming mouse (Razer Mamba) but this is more about the freedom to be able to set your controls how ever you like, just like before. Not really sure how you can disagree with freedom of choice, especially if it takes away from ones ability to play. Sure, leave the option to have it the way they changed it to, but why not leave the option that is already there as well?

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Koala added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 1:33 AM

Open the config file (documents/Arma3/yournickname.Arma3Profile) with the default notepad (or notepad++) and search for "keyAdjust[]={". Insert your mouse key between those {} and try, if it works.

Maybe you save a random function (f.e. reload) on your mouse button 4, save it and take a look in your Arma3Profile, what the code (number) for the key is. Copy the key for mouse button 4 and insert it between those {} (keyAdjust).

Save the file and look, if your modified stance key is working again (don't forget to delete the test function (f.e. reload) first.

Thanks for the suggestion, i will try this. Do you know what the classname is for the stance adjustments?

EDIT: found them, but they look like this :\

Unfortunately, that does not tell me how i can combine Mouse 4 + W,A,S,D to make this new code.

Koala added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 2:37 AM

In my Arma3Profile I have following entry: keyAdjust[]={29}
The 29 is the code for Left Control (LCtrl).
If I press and hold it, I can adjust my stance with W,S,D,A

Unfortunately, it looks like keyAdjust[]={65539}; has been disabled. I tried deleting the keybinding for the individual stance adjustment and tried using the adjust modifier in game and it seems to be completely gone.

EDIT: Please note, this is in the NEW update of the game that is running on the dev branch.

Koala added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 3:11 AM

Yeah, I know. I check all versions every day. I will take a look for a solution later this day (02.04.2015).

Ok, but this offers more freedom than before. no longer are we forced to use WASD for adjust.

Try using your gaming mouse software to assign mouse 4 to a keyboard key.

Also, you can assign multiple keys to your PTT, Arma 3 or Teamspeak.

Yea, i am going to have to try assigning mouse button 4 to scroll lock or something else that does not get used for anything. I have already switched back to stable branch for now though to play with some friends so I will have to try it later. I still think the option to use a modifier would be more convienent, especially since you can still have the new option too.

EDIT: Also, i changed the title to something that might be more agreeable for everyone. Maybe you can turn that no into a yes now ;)

Again, I have no issue with the new method. The only problem is that there is no known way to use mouse buttons in conjunction with keys.

The game still behaves EXACTLY the way it did for me before, since I used the default ctrl as the modifier. now each key is ctrl+WASD still.

If they made binding mouse as a modifier easier as any binding, not just adjust, your problem would be averted.

Adam added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 10:34 AM


This issue has been scheduled for a fix.

Thank you for your feedback

Thats great news! Thank you.

Koala added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 7:26 PM


I took a look in my Arma3Profile and found the "keyAdjust" entry. I tried to set it to my mouse button 4 but it doesn't worked.

I will give your issue an upvote too. I am glad, the developers try to fix that issue.

Best regards

I have upvoted as well; I use a combo of mouse and gamepad and had the stance adjust modifier on the gamepad trigger. I could then use the gamepad thumbstick to adjust my stance. No longer possible with the new separate key bindings.

VKing added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 7:17 PM

Confirmed with the 1.42 update. The old bind is still in my name.arma3profile file, but doesn't work in game.

Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 9:33 AM

This issue is fixed in the DLC Marksmen patch. If you still encounter this issue please try creating a new profile. Thank you.

Created and tested with a new profile.
Stance modifier bind is not present in profile.

I tried adding keyAdjust[]={65540}; in my arma3profile file, which is my mouse5 button, but it did not work. This is the part that was broken in the Marksmen patch.

Unlike keyboard keys, you cannot use a mouse button as a modifier for a keybind, so binding the four new actions to Mouse5+W/A/S/D is impossible.

I use analog thumb stick to move my soldier around in ARMA 3 and i also was able to hold a key down and adjust the stance but now i can not would be nice to have this function back again.

pls fix

Also created a new profile as advised, issue still exists. Running 1.42 with all DLC.

inputAction "Adjust" remains no more available, what new profile and standard preset controls you choose (arma3 or arma3 alternative)!
No addons, just test in debug console.

You should do something for this function. All addons scripted with "adjust" inputaction doesn't work properly anymore!

Each time I open a ticket, Adam close it and report as "resolved" "duplicate of".
But it's not a personal problem for personal key binding. It's a function, based on ex-standard binding (until ver 1.40) who disappear with all consequences on scripts!
My addon was scrolling GPS scale by left Ctrl + mouse wheel up/down. Possible even in movement. What can I say to subscribers?

Just found this report. I have the same issue.

Confirmed as still present as of 2015-04-12. Mouse buttons and keyboard keys are not registered together and the singular "stance adjust" option under "Configure-> Controls-> Infantry Movement" is still missing.

Creating a new profile has no effect.

Just cross the fingers, Adam will change his answer and take all aspects of this problem (inputAction "Adjust" & key bindings).

Adam added a comment.Apr 13 2015, 4:34 PM

The issue has been scheduled for fix :)

Sorry for any inconvenience this issue might cause

Thank you for your feedback

Oh yes, please allow {Middle Mouse Button} + {WASD} or Arrowkeys to change your stances! I can't combine middle mouse button with any other key and this would be very important for me.

Issue still persists for me after today's update to 1.44 Stable

Yep, nothing new under the sun... There is no more "adjust" possible action coming with "ctrl" key. How many addons impacted, regardless of custom key-binding?

Issue still persists for me after today's update to 1.46 Stable

...aaaaand the issue still persists after today's update to 1.48 Stable. One day I hope to be able to Stance Adjust like I used to do :(

...but not today, after the update to 1.50 Stable.

scheduled for fix.... just mention the year!

...might not be this year, as the issue is still in 1.52 stable...

Adam added a comment.Oct 5 2015, 1:01 PM

I can change my adjust controls just fine on stable.

VKing added a comment.Oct 5 2015, 3:48 PM

Everyone can adjust the stance with the four (Adjust Up/Down/Left/Right) keybinds.
The problem was and still is that the Adjust Stance *modifier* key (modifier+WASD) was removed.

ADAM, that's the problem when you close or mark as duplicate too fast, without reading and let a chance to understand. And this topic is so old!
We want our key "Adjust" back! That means striking "control". It was so useful for so many addons, not only for stance:
In other words, as already written, (my duplicated, resolved) issues will be solved when anybody could check:

0 = [] spawn {while {true} do {if (inputAction "adjust" > 0) then {hint "ok"}; sleep 0.1}}

Bring back as described here:, no matter all the reasons found by scripters. Personally, i used ctrl + scroll to zoom in/zoom out my custom GPS, in my (MANW finalist) addon. Not related to stance. By the way, Right ctrl should work also. It was the case!

Okay this works now.
I don't know when it happened, but I can use any button as a modifier now, including mouse buttons.
For example binding Mouse5+W for Adjust Up works.

This probably worked earlier when Adam said it did, but it wasn't really apparent I could do it this way now.

The old imputAction "Adjust" is still not back! I don't care with stances!


The best, immediate way was the IMPUTACTION "ADJUST" WHICH DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE.

And it's not my fault, but Adam's choice, if these problems were mixed!
Adam systematically closed as duplicate my request for the inputAction "adjust" with the stance problem.

I am still unable to set a modifier key. I've tried setting my controller left trigger in Arma3Profile but that doesn't work. Trying to do it in-game for each specific stance adjust direction doesn't work.

I used to be able to hold the left trigger and use the left thumbstick to adjust my stance.

Edit: it seems like combinations of keys or Mouse & keys can be set in-game by pressing them together but this doesn't seem to work for controller inputs. As I use controller & mouse, this is a problem for me!

Nice big changelog from today's update...but no love for the stance adjust modifier key :(
Still cannot assign a combination of controller keys, triggers or thumbsticks to the stance adjust positions.

I'm not sure ADAM understands the need of CTRL = imputAction "adjust" ...
This problem will remain until another dev is in charge of that.

Well after today's update to 1.56 there is still no ability to use combinations of controller buttons or controller + mouse. I've again tried modifying Arma3Profile manually, getting the hex values for the controller keys I want to use, converting them to binary as per other key bindings but I must be doing something wrong as I only end up with "+" showing in the stance adjust menu setting :/