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Arma 3 Launcher Required for connecting to BattlEye enabled servers.
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As per

We're also going to test a new version of the BattlEye anti-cheat engine in the Launcher this week. It will provide a more robust and thorough detection of hacks and cheats. You will be able to still opt-out, but that will not allow you to connect to BE-enabled servers. Toggling BE on and off, as well as updating it, will now be handled via the Launcher.

This undermines 3rd party launchers from being able to connect successfully to BE enabled Arma 3 servers. So a few suggestions before this change goes live on the 8th of april

Suggestion 1: -nolauncher should not restrict users from connecting to servers with BE enabled

Suggestion 2: (and possibly the best option as it will allow game opening Arma3 Launcher and using the new changes to BE)

If i open a Arma3.exe Shortcut with"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -window -mod=@ExampleMOD;@ExampleMod2 -nosplash -password=serverpw -window -exThreads=7 -cpuCount=16 -noLogs

-start params are passed on to the Arma 3 Launcher/arma3.exe process
-mods enabled in the Arma 3 Launcher are disabled except the mod/mods thats in the param thats passed on to it
-auto launches Arma 3


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Arma 3 Launcher is not mandatory for running Arma 3 with BattlEye. It just makes it much simpler. See here for details

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  • unless you use -noLauncher, this will not apply: -mods enabled in the Arma 3 Launcher are disabled except the mod/mods thats in the param thats passed on to it

This is intended, otherwise the user would not be informed why his mods and presets ENABLED in Launcher are not loaded, which is not desired.

  • we will provide a parameter to start Arma 3 with battlEye enabled when -noLauncher is present. Expect -useBE to be out soon. User will need to agree to BattlEye license to be able to continue. Relevant only for Arma 3 Launcher. Example: -nolauncher -useBE will result in Arma 3 starting with BE enabled.

I noticed this has been marked as resolved yet I'm still struggling to get my game to launch with BE enabled adding arma3battleye.exe 0 1 or arma3battleye.exe 0 1 <params> to my launchers startup parameters, I've tried booting the game using

steam.exe -applaunch 107410 arma3battleye.exe 0 1 -nolauncher -connect=IP -port=PORT -mod=<modparameters>


steam.exe -applaunch 107410 arma3battleye.exe 0 1 <params> -nolauncher -connect=IP -port=PORT -mod=<modparameters>

and the game always launches with BE disabled has -useBE been added yet if not then this shouldn't have been marked solved yet, anyone got any advice when using steam to launch the game via steam exe parameters?


you are starting the game through Steam, so the correct command line is this:

steam.exe -applaunch 107410 -usebe -nolauncher -connect=IP -port=PORT -mod=<modparameters>

arma3battleye.exe 0 1 is not a parameter but the name of application (like is the steam.exe in your case) in case you're launching the game executable directly and not through Steam.

Hey, thankyou, i did notice the previous message about it but it didn't seem to work when i first tried it, just tested it again using the parameter order you just suggested and its working just fine, thanks again!

when will be -useBE released?

its already implemented snajdanKBS, my launcher is using it just fine

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Hi, im struggling a bit with this. I use a desktop shortcut from arma3.exe with a lot of parameters and a lot of addons, so i ended creating a .bat for it.

start "" "arma3.exe" -high -winxp -nosplash -nologs -noPause -world=empty -skipIntro -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -maxMem=5120 -maxVRAM=3071 "-name=DimasL" -mod=andallthemods

It worked perfect, but now with the Battleye thing i have to restart the game everytime i open it. I tryed with the -useBE and -nolauncher (never needed) but it doesnt launch with battleye, just open the prompt window and have to restart it.

At the end i managed to start it with battleye but using

start "" "arma3battleye.exe" 0 1 -high -winxp -nosplash -nologs -noPause -world=empty -skipIntro -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -maxMem=5120 -maxVRAM=3071 "-name=DimasL" -mod=andallthemods

Is it the only way to do it? Did i do something wrong with the -useBE so it didnt work for me? I would like to know if theres any way to just add -useBE to my first startup line and make it work.


Hello DimasL,

you are using arma3battleye.exe correctly.

Both -useBE and -noLauncher are parameters of Arma 3 Launcher. They will work only when you pass them to arma3launcher.exe, use them in Steam Launch options for Arma 3 or use them in Steam protocol shortcut (steam://rungameid/....), since Steam is starting Arma 3 Launcher by default.