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Night vision overhaul
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I think night vision in arma 3 could be improved alot more to look a little more realistic than it already is and could really use some love as it could make infantry night combat much more intense.

This could be fixed by making the green slightly darker, decrease view distance and perhaps add a grain effect to make it look light this:

It would also be nice to have an animation to put the night vision over your face and to take them off.

How about a sound of activating the night vision, that would also be nice.


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Here is how it currently looks like in game now

Compare it to this

So much better looking.

Thanks for reading

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I think grain effect if vegy good solution, but let draw distance and brightness be as it is, unless AI will kill you and you will not be able to even see where shoots came from. There was some addon you can use destiny of NVG by shift + PGdown/PGup

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You are using Gen 2 NVG as a refference. In ArmA 3 everyone has Gen 5 or even Gen 6 if devs claim "its the future!".

Gen 5 NVGs has none of the things you mentioned that would nerf the NVG. In fact, the only thing missing to ArmA's NVG is to simulate the lack of depth of field and that you see things like if your eyes move forward several inches.

Perhaps they could add different models for more variety.

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But what's the point?

I agree with the points Dr Death is making, but i would like an animation though.

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I can understand the other points, depending on the nvg gen etc, but why a sound?

Point is that the arma NVG looks like a cheap overlay since OFP
It needs to be dynamic and also adjustable

that could be done with a new shader that simulates the NV technology like the Flir one - that's a example how it should look - another from Insurgency game

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Cater: I do not think the last picture is better looking :-D. Actually it does but... not sharp etc.
You are also forgetting about fact, that some optics can not be used together with NV, because that tube on the face is too big to get head to optics.

I disagree with "improvement" in 2035 you are suggesting. Voting down. But I would love manual brightness. Yes it is probably mod, but why don´t devs do this as default.