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Fatigue is ruining some aspects of gameplay (add disable fatigue button)
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I understand there are mods that remove fatigue, but I honestly think that you guys should include an option for the player or a server owner to disable fatigue. There are some missions that fatigue just completely ruins, and some missions fatigue works great in. But for the most part, my friend and I hate fatigue. The character gets fatigued after only 50 meters of walking, and we both know that in real life that's just not how it works. Depending on how fit you are, you could run half a kilometer and still not be fatigued at all, and be able to aim steadily. With the introduction of weapon resting that improves aim greatly, but fatigue still ends up becoming a massive problem for some people. On servers like wasteland and epoch, fatigue is disabled because the modders know it would completely ruin the gameplay for the mod, and I think that the regular old server owners should be able to disable fatigue in the vanilla game.


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Sprint for 50-100 meters, you will end up being fatigued on a completely vanilla game.

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IF there's a feature I don't know about, please tell me!

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You can always:

player enableFatigue false;

to disable it completely

I'm assuming you have to put that line of code into the init field in the editor. What I was asking for was a simple button outside of the editor to disable it for any mission without any editing being required.

Running half a kilometre without getting fatigued? What planet do you live on, Mars?

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walking doesn't even cause fatigue in arma 3, infact it decreases fatigue.

More like running and sprinting for 500 meters with a relatively high load (for example machinegun and boxes) will make you pretty fatigued in arma but it wont take long to be back at full stamina.

Everyone thinks what he wants about fatigue. But there is no reason to let aside all players who dislike fatigue like me. Do something, difficulty setting, menu...
If scriptwriters want to disable the "disabling fatigue" option, it's up to them.

To and other guardians of realism. Arma has proven it's a game, with its own rules, its own "planet". I do dislike karts in Arma3. I think they are weird and I have to accept them everywhere: MP, arsenal or VA suits... just because they are promoted as a DLC! I don't read any complaint about that.
So, let fatigue be an option and watch for other BI choice!