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v1.40 new weapon sounds sound horrible to me
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Even though the old gun sounds left room for improvement, they sounded far superior to the new ones.

To my ears..

  • most of the new sounds miss punch / explosion a the start of the sound, they have more 'whoomp' than 'bang', the MX sound is the worst offender
  • the SMG's sound like unimpressive rattling and the Sting SMG is missing an echo
  • the co-ax MG's full-auto sound is irregular and sounds like unimpressive rattling
  • the Katiba sound sounds a bit hollow, not all like high-energy explosions taking place in the rifle
  • all the sounds sound like drum-computer effects to me

I'm not a sound expert, but all the sounds don't sound explosive enough. I have the feeling that at least something at the start of all the sounds is wrong, it gives the sound a 'drum computer effect' impression. Or maybe it is because environmental effects on the sounds are missing.


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Steps To Reproduce

Fire any of the weapons with new gun sounds like for instance:

  • Katiba
  • MX
  • Vermin
  • Sting
  • Mk20
  • Co-ax MG on tanks
Additional Information
  • The Zafir is an exeption in which the old one sounds was very 'drum-effect' like, the new sound is a slight improvement, but it seems to miss an echo effect.

I am very much surprised by the decreased quality of the gun sounds and very disappointed. Some of the sounds are plainly broken with missing echo's.

Does everyone truly think this is an improvement? I wish there was a way to get the old sounds back.

New sounds:

Old sounds:

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The previous sound of the 1911 was significantly better, now its like "pop, pop". There's no power to it, like shooting a damn .22 . I agree some of the new sounds indeed sound hollow/rattling like they're missing an echo.

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Go read this:
The current changes are only the first step towards the long awaited SFX overhaul. Personally, I like the new M1911 sound much better than the old one, even in it's current state.

I approve! horrible. Before was better, but I don't know wich of both is the realistic one.

Thanks for your reply pops, I've read that report when it came out. It says among other things:

'Of course, this development is work-in-progress'

It surprises me that incomplete sounds are added to the public game, I feel that this type of work-in-progress belongs in a testing area. I am the kind of player that doesn't participate in pre-alpha's in general or the dev-branch here. I'm willing to wait for features to be as complete as possible.

I play Arma3 a lot, it is my favorite game by far, and thus I am aware that, in a sense, the whole game is a work in progress. But this is a step to far in my opinion.

So, then, when can I expect the next update that has new improvements on the sound?

although the feature is work-in-progress, that does not mean that the sounds you're hearing are not finished or broken, they're just new. I am sorry that you do not like them but that is not a reason to deem them unfinished. Of course, if you find a bug, we'll be very grateful for a ticket. However, different sample or volume adjustment is not a bug.

I, too, believe that the new weapon sounds could be considered "broken". Having relied on report volume and direction to localize the source I can honestly say that the latest release is much less realistic in this respect. I can also understand that it is a work in progress and, as a developer, I can think of numerous reasons why I might be hearing a more 'dry' sounding report that might later be processed in different ways depending on the environment. At the same time, I have to agree with joostSidy that it seems like this would stay in development until the quality was at least on par with the samples and processing being replaced. This is, of course, subjective but it's definitely taken the immersion away to some extent as the rifle reports that I'm hearing now are very difficult to use as a distance/bearing reference and just sound flat and arcade-ish.

That's a nice feedback, thank you.

BIS are heading in the right direction with this :-)

In real life weapons do sound crude and nothing like what you hear in the films.
The weapons in ARMA 3 are starting to sound more realistic like actual hand held mechanical devices with moving parts.

Also need to add distance attenuation and occlusion from terrain and other structures.
This should apply to ALL emitted sounds, e.g. gun shots, explosions, vehicle engines, footsteps, voices, also environment sounds (wind & wildlife) deadened/dampened when inside buildings etc...)
This 'low pass filter' effect is actually already in the game! When you transition back and forth from shallow to deep while under the water, the principle is the same except water is more dense than air so the effect of blocking the higher frequencies occurs over a much longer range.

Maybe soon I'll be able to play without using a sound mod after all!
Keep up the good work :-)

I think the new sounds are better.
At least with all the effects in the dev-branch.

I've been fidgeting with the sounds and I've got two tips for people who were underwhelmed like I was:

  • play the sounds loud on a good sound system and/or with good headphones and maybe play around with your sound settings (equalizer)
  • I had some good results with for instance LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape (L_ES) to improve some of the sounds. The different sound mods have their own issues though, so these are not the final answer as far as I'm concerned

Just to clarify, I'm not happy with some of the current sounds and especially that some of them seem to be missing their effects. Of course I am happy with BIS taking on the complicated task of creating a more dynamic and realistic soundscape.

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I like the new ones. Sound more realistic to me.

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Voted down

I like the new sounds.

For me sounds are OK