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UAV accessability in multiplayer.
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While playing on any wasteland server when I buy UAV module in which you can connect UAV, it seems that you can access any UAV that is in the server, for example when I play on wasteland servers, I always buy AR-2 Darter. I launch it in the air and while it is hovering completely perfectly im the air, sometimes it just starts going in any direction and wont respond to any of my commands from the UAV terminal. The only way I can stop it is to take the full control of it but when i swich to gunner view, it goes wherever it wants. I view this as a problem because it takes away the whole UAV concept from the multiplayer. I suggest you should try and make UAVs accessable only to the person who has bought it, and accessable only to his own squad, not anyone with a UAV module.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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Basicly get a few people, each on independant team, so they all are separate players, not on the same squad or team. Then everyone should get UAV module. After that, person A should launch any UAV(best should be AR-2 Darter) and fly it up in the air and set it to auto-hover. Lastly, any random person should open UAV module and connect the person's A UAV and set any waypoint for it to fly. Person A should then try and fix the problem by setting a new waypont for it to come back, but it wont. It will only come back when the UAV will fly to the first waypoint and then it will go to the last waypoint.

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This problem annoys me very much because the AR-2 wont hover in the same position and it will randomly fly anywhere withought my premmision. Then I just cant make any observations of the terrain.

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Sounds like this is a Wasteland problem and not a UAV problem.

Could do so:

UAV owner has full control over it.

Team member can have only camera image, but can not control it.

@DomasGim wrote:
"but when i swich to gunner view, it goes wherever it wants"
It sounds like you need to Open UAV Terminal and select your UAV and uncheck "Autonomous". This will stop it from going "wherever it wants"

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@Zectbumo Self-contained-entails other consequences for the UAV surveillance camera, the camera will stop observing objects if the camera was used as an observer.
The problem of bad behavior UAV in this ticket.