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Headless Client Framerate is Limited to exactly the same as the server
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The new headless client implementation has a serious problem where the headless client framerate is limited to exactly the same rate as the server. This can render the headless client completely useless as it's designed to have a higher frame rate to load AI off.

The old headless client implementation didn't have this problem as much most likely because it used a arma3.exe client instead?


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afaik the HC fps shall be decoupled from SERVER fps

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an investigation has been done and there is no reason for the HC to have locked the same framerate as the server. However, both of the instances have FPS hardcoded to 50 as a maximum value, could you please check that it's not that case you're describing? Also, Headless client and a server should not perform on the same machine, it is strongly advised to keep them separated.

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Hey Adam,

If your server is running at 15 FPS your HC will also be running at 15 fps.

Simply connect HC (with no mods) and get your server (with no mods) drop the FPS on the server and check FPS between HC and server. They should be around the same, even though HC isnt doing anything.

Note: i am running HC on a seperate Dedicated box from my server.

Adam added a comment.Sep 7 2015, 4:24 PM

Does the issue persists?

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