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Helicopter audio bug (uiNamespace)
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When you minimize (Alt + Tab) the ArmA 3 interface, if there is an active helicopter nearby, there is a good chance the audio will get stuck in your uiNamespace. This results in constant sound of that helicopter audio that was occurring at the time you minimized the interface.


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Steps To Reproduce

In dedicated environment:

  1. Use ArmA full screen.
  2. Turn on a helicopter nearby.
  3. Alt + Tab, or exit the session abruptly.
  4. The audio sound will remain until you clear uiNamespace by restarting the game.
Additional Information

Does not occur every time, but somewhat often these days.

I have triggered it in two ways consistently:

  1. The above-mentioned Alt + Tab while near an active helicopter.
  2. Exit the session abruptly. I can trigger this with a BattlEye filter which ejects me from the session. The current heli rotor audio remains in the uiNamespace.

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A more reliable repro:

Create a helicopter + AI crew on the client machine (spawning one with Zeus will work.) Ensure you are nearby so as to hear the noise.

Assign it a public variable.


testHeli = cursorTarget; publicVariable 'testHeli';

Now, delete it on the server machine locality.

// server exec
deleteVehicle testHeli;

The heli's rotor noise as it was at time of delete, will be stuck in your uiNamespace and have to restart ArmA 3 to remove it.

Interestingly enough I'm still experiencing this with my group on a dedicated server. It doesn't happen for everyone when I exit the mission abruptly using #missions - but for say, 60% of the 15 people.


If you are in a helicopter when the mission ends, it's highly possible that the noise of the helicopter remains audible in the UI, Zeus, and even the next mission.

Only way to fix it is to restart Arma.

This bug is over a year old, and needs to be fixed badly. It causes people in general inconvenience during our community sessions, and me while mission making.

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thank you for the feedback, we will look into that.

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fix should be available in the development branch and in the RC shortly. Once next update for these branches is out, please check it out and let me know.

Thank you

Problem is still there, as for current stable version.

Do you have some new updated repro steps?
I am not able to reproduce the issue using any of the repros provided.

@razazel I'm having this issue too!
a 100% way of reproducing it (for me at least) is to place down a helicopter in the editor and start it up. If the engine sound is in the idle mode (the one that you hear all the time when you fly around) press ESC and click on abort. After that, the sound is bugged and you can hear it until you restart the game. This works with several instances of the sound as well (If you reproduce it several times).

Happens to me in two ways:
1: run multiplayer mission in eden editor, while in helicopter select return to eden. this way you can get it multiple times
2: during multiplayer game, if session admin calls for premature mission end while I'm in helicopter.

@razazel happened to a lot of us in last night's session. Mission was ended using a call to the F3 Mission ending component, f_fnc_mpEnd, from a trigger. There was a player controlled Kajman hovering nearby, some people were in F3 spectator.

Below is my RPT file (not the server's rpt). The audio bug was caused when the mission fa3_c46_stemma_v1 ended. We noticed it only after the next mission, fa3_a65_altispirateparty_v5 started.

The noise appears even in the main menu, but not the slotting screen.

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