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The problems of AI-infantry movement in "Danger" mode.
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In the Arma3, any movement of the AI may be satisfactory only until the moment, when AI will enter in "Danger mode". After that point, AI is not able to move normally, keep the formation or do player orders. During these moments, the AI will always stop movement and only rarely move.

Today in "Danger mode" AI not able do:

  1. Keep the current formation relatively of squad leader(player). During player movement, the AI will always lag far behind his commander.
  2. Return in the formation with squad leader(player), if the formation was broken before, by the order. The AI will always not hurry or even will not move in general.
  3. Move to the destination point(players order). In the majority cases the AI won't move until the located is in danger mode, even if the enemy is not in sight.
  4. Do fast forwards movement in the formation, if commander(player) order command "Advance". AI squad will always lag behind or even will not move in general.
  5. Retreat to back or move to any side from squad leader. The AI will always not hurry or even will not move in general.

For example, BIS can set a maximum threshold for the separation of AI from squad leader. For example, this threshold may be 20-25 meters. If the subordinate AI, enter in "danger mode" and the distance between the commander > this threshold and player-commander order "Return to Formation", then the AI should always try return (full movement speed) back into the formation. Such a feature could significantly mitigate this problem. Probably there may be other solution.

Please find any method make it so, that the AI was moving towards to the given point or always keep current formation, without any problems, quickly and efficiently even in "Danger mode"


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Play in Arma3

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If the AI entering the danger mode (even if the enemy does not pose a threat and is far), then he always becomes impotent in movement. Thus for the player-commander in the A3 does exist any method do the following tasks:


Currently the AI ceases to move if it switches to danger, even if there is no enemy in sight. So there is no way to force the unit to use the movement priority. Here I propose a solution this problem:

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Yes we have the same serious pb also On MP server.
The IA groups stay blocked 400m from the enemy contact for around 10 min.
It seems to be when they reach au waypoint and go to an COMBAT red state.

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here is also one more bug about ai formation. If you are part of squad (for example 7 men squad) and commander order you all to stop Ai which have number in squad above yours will follow you (if you are 5, then 6 and 7 will follow you)

"then 6 and 7 will follow you"
How to follow? If I am I will not stop, then these bots will continue movement, as if I were the commander?

  • I recognize these problems looking at your vid: It's hard to pinpoint the exact problem, but I believe that AI normally likes to move in formation, and when this is not possible they go in a slower movement mode which is recognized by the 'raised rifle' jogging.

I've seen similar behaviour on open terrain where you run ahead of your squad. They feel like their loosing formation and revert to the 'raised rifle mode' which is very slow and fatiguing while they should be running with rifles lowered to catch up with you.

Another problem that's hard to replicate is that some soldiers seem to get stuck in the 'raised rifle' mode, making it impossible for them to move fast. Even if you player-switch to the unit and lower its rifle the unit will raise its rifle when you switch to your original character. This can happen no matter the behaviour mode.

I think this is intended behaviour and I personally like it. The squad has an internal hierarchy. If I'm not the squad leader but the second in command, I can deviate from the squad route and take some guys with me.

I made a similar ticket about this previously: related to #0021222


You have precisely described the details of the problem! Thanks.
This needs to be fixed.
Constantly raised rifle of the AI, it's annoying to the player, seems not realistic and prevents the AI effectively and quickly moving.

Updated. Added new info and new video of this problem/

JoostSidy - ok but you cannot give the orders. Its very frustrating if AI comander is holding the team or select other route than you prefer, you are going to check the area and your AI team mates are going under enemy fire without thinking (just keeping the formation).


My friend, Of course the AI should keep formation, but first thing that upsets me is not that)
It frustrates me that the AI can't moving on the map quickly and efficiently.
At least as well, as moves the human player.

Yeah me too. I'm Using ASR_AI3, try this one, BI will enevery fix this. I noticed that ai are often moving with weapon up slowly, straight under enemy fire without react. Same with vehicle mounting, ai making strange circles around vehicle instaed of selecting shortest route.

I noticed such issue some time ago.

I did a TDM mission with bots and players.

NATO and OPFOR bots was spawning in base and all of bots got order to move out. Bots was not in squads, every single men was not linked to anyone.

Result was that about 2 or 3 guys moved out torwards enemy position, other bots (about 5 or 6 other bots) was simply camping in base and not moving even 1 meter.

I was trying to place bots in different places inside base (base was made by HESCO) and result was always the same.
Even when i placed most of them outside base same thing was happening.
Always 2 or 3 was moving out while rest was camping. Even when base was under NME fire they was standing or laying on the ground.

I even used a scripting commands to give them orders to move, no effect at all, even MCC sandbox mod do not helped at all.
They was ignoring scripting commands, waypoints, everything. Only move they was doing was sometimes hitting dirt and sometimes standing up.

@Vlad: strange circles is ai moving to 'get in' point for vehicle. It's a bit wide, but that prevents them getting stuck on obstacles (such as the vehicle itself). I think this is intended behaviour and I personally don't mind it, even though it looks a little weird.

@maciek: AI not moving is something I witnessed myself. I think the cause is not the same thing as the slow-moving behaviour. My guess is that AI sometimes has difficulty selecting a path and gets stuck, even though different paths are clearly visible to the human eye. You noticed it with ungrouped AI as an example. I notice it in squads as well when I'm the leader. Sometimes I have to switch to the stuck soldier to get him going. Your example sounds replicable, so that's possible valuable.

I know there is entry points in vehicle, but those circles should be closer to vehicle. Last time when i order ai to get in, he started this his stupid circles and enemy shooted hime, beacuse he stoped dancing around vehicle and start shoting to enemy (12 x rfleman) and he was alone. Isnt it strange? When order is given AI should instant obey them. And pathfinding shoul use shortest route to entry point (for "get in" command) eventualy circling vehicle making smalest circles just next to the vehicle.

I noticed that when the AI sees in the area of vision the enemy, he always stops moving. And only when the commander will say "Clear"(when the enemy is not present within vision), then the AI-squad will continue movement.
This feature deprives AI normally move in the map and unusually tired the player is waiting. Also, the AI ignores movement waypoint.
Durring battle, the enemy may be always in the within vision, but the AI should be able to continue move even under enemy fire!
Again I will say that the game needs a SPECIAL TYPE OF MOVEMENT, when the soldiers do not get stuck in combat and only move rapidly, even under enemy fire!

There's still many problems concerning the formations. AI often seems uncapable to mantain it (above all when moving for a long path), wasting both and tactics...

Seriousle i tested few famous mods about Ai, and there is 3 of them NECCESARY to play : - Ai are driving way better - overall better Ai behavior on battlefield like rearming, hearings, reactions, formations, movement, order react. - very simple mod allow to give necessary orders to Ai quick and effectively just like normal orders via numers on keyboard. Apply this (no more than 60mb) and your gameplay experience will be much better


thanks for interesting links!

heh, still new since year???!!!!

I am damm sorry i'm writing it here BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE. I can only edit my own comments right now, beacuse some paranoic changed my account to "viever" only, without ANY REASON. I writed to Support, and after 3 messages (!) on nex day (!) i got reply the ban is valid.... BUT FOR WHAT I GET THE BAN!? Now support are dead or sleeping, ignoring me since weeks. I did not do anything wrong or rulebreaking, and I AM NOT VLAD_8011!! Are you so scary of one man in the internet so you are blocking everyone who is writing, even thinking similar like him!???? People you have serious problems, maybe you are too scary to finish your game too!? I was never using worse support in my entire life, never was so ignoranted, never treated like this. I got ban and all i can do is say "ok my bad" isnt it? BUT WHAT THE FUCK I HAVE DONE!?!!!!!!!!???! Nobody cant tell me the reaon, nobody responding, no contact at all! This is ridiculus! First support guy reply to me to contact administrators from here (HOW THE HELL I CAN DO THIS!!!!) , next day i got message "
I apologize but I have consulted your problem and you ban is valid and will
be lifted" .... and thats all of mysterious "Kretek" messages.

@mickeyman - Thanks for the support ;)

@TutSi - do not write like vlad_8011 and it will be OK :)

I am here since 10 AM and still no progress in this case.....

After whole day of quiet and pretending there is nothing wrong i will created new account. You are playing with me, i will play with you, thats the only way i can report a bugs and comment other tickets (HELPING OTHER PLAYERS, BEACUSE YOU "CANT")

BIS please help @Fighting Power

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God... i created account ~ few days ago, does it seems i'll be banned too?

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I see, the problem is not only for me, it really need fixing. For now I', using Bcombat, as its the only reasonable AI mod that is working is it should for me. On vanilla AI when they got in the "Danger Mode" and enemy will be kicked out, and then all team will be "aware", allways on man from the team is holding weapon like he iss aiming something, newer get his weapon down, and he is slowing the formation making evacuation (as in description) IMPOSSIBLE. Thank God for Bcombat....

@TutSi this mod can solve this AI-movement problem?
I have find only one link for download this(Armaholic), but this link is not work.

Yes, only problem is autochanging behavior - you need to do this manually while you are commander. Do not download this through Steam, do not use any other AI mod. Its only 2 rules, and all will be configurable.

Here you go links : (link on the right down side "download ZIP")

And topic on BIS forum :

TutSi added a comment.Nov 24 2015, 2:44 PM

I guess bohemia is not interested of fixing major issues.....

"I guess bohemia is not interested of fixing major issues..."

TutSi, unfortunately agree with you/
The solution to this problem could greatly improve the AI in the game and game expierence in general. Sad to me...

Please post personal frustrations towards BIS elsewhere, BIS is working with lots of restrictions. Inflammatory comments will not persuade its staff to work on issues we find important. Even though I'm sometimes frustrated too, Arma3 is still a great game.

OK, but how you explain Arma 2 bots were working perfectly, and here, AI team allways are houndrets meters in back and keep asking "Where are you?" like a lonely child in the dark? Its impossible to comfortable play this game - operating vehicles meet other restrictions (reported since 2 years! - Ai cannot reverse the tank in most ocassions, physX launching tank meters away), Clouds (TrueSky) are ready to implement and they arent implemented (plugins for that is ready since months, BIS is paying for it, and they dont applied it (why?) and many other sensless decissions made this game less playable with ever month, THATS WHY WE ARE SO FRUSTRATED. We payed for the game that have bugs, (like every other game) but those bugs are reported, and simply nothing happend to developer fix them. Infantry still goes with rifle's up (just like player when he puch [c] key) and thats why they are still in the back.

"Arma3 is still a great game"

@joostSidy There is no doubt! If the user is on feedback, so he thinks the same way. I love the BIS team, for the excellent series of games.
But we want to make Arma3 better and more realistic, especially in the primary issues and problems. The movement of AI infantry in the game which called as simulator of infantryman, is one of the most important parts and it is not clear why the developers ignore this for a long time. This topic was created almost a year ago.

TutSi added a comment.Dec 29 2015, 2:09 PM

Still a problem.....

but not for BIS, unfortunatelly

I just played a mission where this problem plays again, ai team members getting far behind because they were just in a fight and now stuck in danger mode.

Suddenly nr 2 yells 'clear!' and I'm thinking: I am the leader and I yelled 'clear!' 10 minutes ago by setting behaviour to 'aware', why can't they just follow my orders!

TutSi added a comment.Dec 30 2015, 8:16 PM

And someone just writen on forum that every game has a bugs and we are just complain..... God you see this? Milsim my