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Add/Alter script command to add perfectly configured weapons to cargo
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unit addWeaponItemsCargo [weapon, attachments, magazines];


unit => Object
weapon => String: weapon class name
attachments => Array: [attachment1, attachment2, attachment3]
magazines => Array: [magazine1, magazine2, ...]

    magazineX =>    Array: [magazineName, ammoCount, muzzle]

or combined:

unit addWeaponItemsCargo [weaponName, [attachment1, attachment2, attachment3], [[magazineName1, ammoCount1, muzzleName1], [magazineName2, ammoCount2, muzzleName2], ...]];

The third parameter is proposed as an array to handle weapons with UGLs/mutliple muzzles, which could have other loaded magazine.


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Steps To Reproduce

_crate addWeaponItemsCargo ["arifle_MX_GL_ACO_F", ["muzzle_snds_H", "", ""], [["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag", 15, "arifle_MX_GL_ACO_F"], ["3Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", 2, "GL_3GL_F"]]];

Adds a MX rifle with grenade launcher without optic or flashlight, but with a silencer. The weapon has a loaded magazine with 15 rounds left and and the grenade launcher has a GL grenade clip loaded with 2 grenades left. Note how "arifle_MX_GL_ACO_F" has an ACO optic by default, but it gets overwritten with "". The order of the attachments should be the same as in primaryWeaponItems ( [silencer, flashlight, optic] )

Additional Information

Right now, addding the current weapon of a unit to cargo or WeaponHolder through scripting commands is impossible to do right, as there is no way of specifying the correct attachments, magazines and bullet counts for weapons stored on cargo.

For players this has been taken care of in the following issue by @japapatramtara

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Add it NAW

Needed badly.

I would like to see this functionality in game, too :)