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Sound Limiter distorting sounds at peak volume
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It seems the audio engine is limiting & distorting sounds at 0dB instead of when they go OVER 0dB.

I made a perfect sine curve sound that peaks at 0dB and replaced Katiba single and Katiba single SUPRESSED sounds with my sound, at different volume settings.

Config values:

Single - 1.0
SGL Supressed - 0.9

At 1.0 volume config level the sound is DISTORTED, not much but it is!

This must not happen, because most samples we use are at max volume (normalized) and we do not expect distortion at 1.0 value in configs. {F25225}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download the attached file.
  2. Put the pbo into "addons" folder, load up the mission. Ignore the errors!
  3. Put "AUDIO" slider in settings to 100%.
  4. Fire a few single shots, note the sound is slightly distorted.
  5. Put on supressor. Note the sound is not distorted anymore, because it is not played at peak volume and therefore not being attacked by the limiter.

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