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WavToWss GUI does not compress 16 bit stereo wav
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Hey guys,

current version of WavToWss fails to compress my files. Please advise! {F25212} {F25213} {F25214}


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Use WavToWss GUI to convert WAV file in attachment to WSS. Try different settings (d4,d8 etc), final file will always be same size.

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Mikero's DeWss can compress the audio, but it breaks it. The compressed audio sounds broken in game and converting BACK to WAV shows severe alteration of audio signal.

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Hi! Several people asked me to explain current situation with wss encoder/decoder tools:


  • converts mono and stereo files into wss correctly.
  • to use delta compression for stereo wave (should be 8bit-int (-d8), 4bit-int (-d4) respectively to store the sample) "-stereo" parameter is required
  • bit depth and frequency is preserved


  • currently does not support stereo samples at all, it seems it somehow adds data from both channels into one while trying to decompress stereo wss.

So WssDec is needed to be updated, will let you know once I'll get the new version.

Thanks for the info. The WavToWss GUI needs to be updated then, "stereo" option added.


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Mikero's DeWss can compress the audio, but it breaks it

that's news to me. Unless i'm alerted to these things via a ticket on dev-heaven there's not much i can do about it

I'll make a ticket in 10 min.

Look at "error.jpg".

Even when using -stereo parameter it does not work.

doosh added a comment.Dec 4 2014, 3:53 PM

I see, the problem is that WaveToWss tool was not updated. So use attached version for now, please - before publishing process will go through.

WAVToWSS update will be included in the next development update, soon™ ;)

Thanks, testing.

Works like a charm.

Thank you!

Here a link to the updated GUI:

Just extract the content of the archive in Arma 3 tools\Audio

Thanks! Works fine! :)

Then, ticket solved! Thanks for your feedback and tests.