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Addon Builder does not generate texHeaders.bin
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I have worked on a few retextures of various vehicles to up my script skills in the Arma environment.

Addon folder structure is as follows:

Root folder: blackfoot_retex
-> Folder: data

-> File: heli_attack_01_co.paa

-> File: config.cpp

Currently I have three different outcomes which appear to be of random apperance. The outcomes are as follows:

  1. AddonBuilder Error: Build Failed, Error Code=1. It failes to create the blackfoot_retex.pbo
  1. AddonBuilder does convert all the files but does not generate a texHeaders.bin. If I start Arma with the addon and place e.g. the retextured AH99 Blackfoot in the editor and go into preview, it gives back an error message "Can not load texture \blackfoot_retex\data\heli_attack_01_co.paa".
  1. AddonBuilder does convert ONLY the config.cpp into .bin, ignoring the data folder which contains the texture .paa mentioned above entirely.

I have included the config.cpp which is based on other addons which work fine in Arma 3 where I edited the class names and paths. I concluded that the main reason why the texture can not be loaded in Arma 3 is because of the missing texHeaders.bin inside the addon root folder which is the main problem for me. I think it might be an issue with Arma 3 Tools' Binarize tool.

Using FileBank does pack all the files into a .pbo but does not generate a texHeaders.bin either. {F25186} {F25187} {F25188} {F25189} {F25190}


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No steps possible due to random appearance.

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Addon Builder Version: 1.0.127421

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best use pboproject from mikero. it will tell you what is actually the problem

Hi, thx for reporting. could you please upload AddonBuilder log file? Should be located in arma3tools/logs, typically c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Logs\addonbuilder.rpt


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Hi cooper,

I uploaded the most recent log where I tried to convert the blackfoot retexture into a .pbo. I saved it as a .txt because it didn't allow me to upload the .rpt.

And thanks for taking the time to look into this case.

Hi hero,

we've made an update on DEV branch yesterday. It should fix your problem. Could you please retest with DEV branch?



hero added a comment.Nov 27 2014, 3:53 PM

Hello cooper,

I tried it again two times with the dev build. The first time with the config.cpp and the second time I used CfgConvert to convert the config.cpp to a .bin and then used the Addon Builder, but sadly I got Error Code = 1 on both tries.

I uploaded the log for the dev build. I really don't know what causes this problem. I also tried to redownload it from Steam, still the same errors.

Also, thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate it.


thx for testing and your patience. Unfortunately I'm not able to find uploaded logs. Could you please reuload the log from dev build?

Thank you

hero added a comment.Dec 1 2014, 12:24 PM

Hello cooper,

I uploaded it again with the name AddonBuilder devBuild.rpt.txt.

Thx a lot, we currently uploading a new version with the fix:)
Will inform you when it's available;)


dev branch was updated. Please restest if the issue was solved. The version (could be find in the "About" window ) is 1.1.128499


hero added a comment.Dec 1 2014, 5:40 PM

Hello cooper,

I've recorded a video and uploaded it to youtube if you want to see what and how I'm doing the conversion into .pbo with the latest build on the dev branch.

What I forgot to mention in the video is that it still does not create a texHeaders.bin.

I also uploaded a new log with the filename AddonBuilder devBuild 2014-12-01.rpt.txt.


I hope the videos does help a little bit.

hi, thx for the logs and the video. it was really helpfull. Finally I've found the issue. There is a simple workaround for now. One needs to have "*.paa" in the whitelist option but it needs to be without a space - i.e. "*.paa" but not " *.paa". This is the reason why it's not working for you in the video. Just delete the leading space and texture headers should be created. The fix will search for paa files automaticaly (without the need of manually specified *.paa pattern) and spaces will be allowed of course. Thx again for your collaboration;)

hero added a comment.Dec 2 2014, 11:41 AM

Hello cooper,

I tried it as you told me and it finally worked! It generated the texHeaders.bin and copied the texture file.

I feel kind of happy and dumb at the same time that such a simple error on my part was the cause for this. And thanks for all the effort you put in to help me solve this problem!

I'm glad it's working for you. Fix is under internal testing now. Sorry for a stupid bug. Thx:)

Fixed in a previous update.

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