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LaserDesignator batteries do not save using Arsenal
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When you add a laserdesignator to your inventory.
And you try to add the battery, the first "add" click does not register and the second click does add 1 to the inventory.
Upon exiting the Arsenal you will notice that you have 2 batteries, while only one is registered in Arsenal.

When you save your loaded.
And load it backup, the batteries are gone.


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Steps To Reproduce

Put a ammobox with arsenal.
Grab a laserDesignator and a battery.

Save gear.
Load gear.

Battery is gone.

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The first time you click add, it adds a "magazine" (also known as a battery) to the designator (and loads it). Anything else is extra. It works just like the guns do.

Oke thanks, then part 1 is solved...
But the Battery is still not saved when loading my gear.

I can't even find the designator batteries in the virtual arsenal. But I found them in a regular ammo crate.

However, when I went back to the virtual arsenal and tried to save the new loadout [with a designator battery] it failed to save the battery. Everything else was saved, but not the designator battery.

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I've been having this issue for months now- any fix?

This is a serious issue in many gamemodes. Designator batteries disappear from the inventory and from the laser designator itself one at a time starting with batteries stored in the inventory upon respawning or being revived.

Like the ticket author wrote, it is also not possible to save a loadout with a working laser designator in Virtual Arsenal because the battery is not saved.

Shields added a subscriber: Shields.May 7 2016, 7:51 PM

Untill this is fixed i guess the only work around is to add an extra set of batteries into your loadouts.

Verified this is still an issue in v1.50.131969 on Windows 10 Pro.

Any updates on the fix? Should be pretty simple to my understanding.

This has not been fixed in v1.52 stable branch. Please take care of it with the next patch.

I checked dev-branch yesterday and noticed that this bug has been partially fixed. Batteries don't disappear any more, but if they are stored in the vest or backpack, one of them gets moved to the uniform upon respawning, being revived, or entering Virtual Arsenal. As long as one battery is in the uniform all other batteries stay where they are.

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Still a problem in 1.96
Steps to reproduce:
open editor
add soldier and edit loadout
add laser battery to uniform and click ok button
edit loadout

expected results:
battery should be in uniform

actual results:
battery is missing

the workaround is to add this to the unit init:
this addItemToUniform 'Laserbatteries';

Looks like a separate issue, make a separate ticket please

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Stil in 2.02

You need to place 2 laserBatteries in your loadout from arsenal, to have a working designator in game. With just one battery, even if you are keen to believe this magazine could be loaded in designator, no joy in game.
It's reproducible for an age by saving/ loading a configuration in arsenal.

So, BI, no solution rather than duplicate laserBatteries (and tickets for nuts)?