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No commands to add a weapon to cargo with custom attachments
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Hello, I am writing this because I noticed there is no way to add a weapon to cargo with the attachments you specify.

I thought a good workaround for this would be to simply add the weapon as the player's currently held weapon, add your attachments, then use the "action" command to "DropWeapon" or "PutWeapon". Two problems with that, however, you have to wait for the animation to finish each time, which is incredibly slow, and both Drop/PutWeapon crash my game when you try to drop a weapon into your own personal containers (ie, uniform,vest,backpack)(but that's an issue for another ticket)

I am requesting a new command for adding weapons, addWeaponWithAttachments. It should accept global arguments, and have global effects. The usage would be like this:

(container) addWeaponWithAttachments ["weapon", "muzzle_attachment", "side_attachment", "top_attachment", ["magazine_classname", amountOfBullets (amount is capped at magazine maximum)]];

The name is really long, but it's functional and explains what the command does, maybe you guys can think up a better name than me.

I noticed you guys have recently added addMagazineAmmoCargo, which I think is an amazing command and I'm making full use of it. Hopefully my new proposed command can make it also.


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Would be nice, but I wonder if its possible.

Hell yeah! I'm desperately waiting for such a command!

Our latest intelligence confirms that japa has this on his to do list. Unfortunatelly this is all we have received before transmission got cut off...

Excellent, thanks for the heads up, KK. Hopefully it's not too far down the list

Any news on this?

I've come across this while attempting (and failing) to do the same work-around.
A command like this would greatly benefit not just "persistent" game styles but it'd also allow @Moricky to fix the Arsenal bug that weapons in backpacks loose their attachments when loading/importing a loadout.

1 year later. Any news yet?

Another year later, the year is 2017, any changes or updates to this "feedback" ?
Will it ever be added, is it being worked on, or has it simply been abandoned?
Would be great to know.