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In more of half of the cases, the grenade launcher(RPG-42 or NLAW) is not capable of normal physics at the fall. The grenade launcher is left to stand upright!
My Examples:

Please fix this nonsenses, make normal physics, it's stupid to see at the same time a lot of standing grenade launchers. {F25047} {F25048} {F25049}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Place AT-Soldiers
  3. Shoot in this AT-Soldiers(Most likely the soldiers in standing position with RPG-42)

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It looks like as if it was their... nvm

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What do you expect when these things fall to the ground almost perfectly upright? Looks fine to me.
The problem i'm having with this is, that explosions or bullets don't apply any force to ragdolls. Thus making them and their equipment always collapse in the same way if they're on even ground.

They don't fall like this all the time, but it does happen enough. Rarely in the field would a rocket launcher fall upright. The model should be made with a slight point on the collision model. This would ensure it never balances like this.

In one of the last updates it was fixed.
Now should be "resolved"

Is it? Nice to hear.

Now I don't see this problem on your computer.
So this has been fixed

R34P3R added a subscriber: R34P3R.May 7 2016, 7:42 PM

Problem still apears with static AA Launchers. The unit is still attached to it while hes dead. Its funny to blow them up.. so the AA flying in the sky while the unit is still attached.

@R34P3R, I have not seen this problem again. If you provide a video example, then it will be more clear

Why you need a Video ? Place enemy static AA in editor and blow it up with detonation.... hard to reproduce ?

The static launchers need their own tickets, it's something different.

"hard to reproduce ?"
I can't check because I'm out of my town/

"The static launchers need their own tickets, it's something different"

ok i will start a new one.