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Helicopter DLC Assets (Easy and short term)
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Because some people think that BI didn't make enough content for the Helicopter DLC, I was thinking maybe the devs should port over a couple of "easy" assets from TKOH, such as textures and animation sources.

This request is easily fulfilled and will make the Helicopter DLC have a bit more content.


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Content like:

  • Mohawk Luxury Seats
  • Littlebird Doors, FLIR, monitor, searchlight.
  • Textures for the above
  • Utilization of driverDoor, gunnerDoor, and cargoDoor[]
  • User Actions in 3D Space (Will be awesome)
  • Addition of the Helicopter Medium for the Civilian Side.

Once again, this content has already been made and coded and is a less than half a days work of making it work in ArmA 3.

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Yes yes yes! "Easy" work, but that does not matter. It gives players content which gives you more options, more freedom. I personally would love seeing more content, no matter if it is taken from TKOH.

Perfect for such a sandbox game.

Them adding the "Huey" medium helicopter would make my day.
Surely would actually make the DLC worth it's money and probably more people would actually buy it.

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Also bring more libraries or skins to the existing helos like the one with dazzled camo on the Ghosthawk.

Well, they made a civilian version of the MH-9, which just has doors and shiny paint. It is found under the name "M-900".
I am quite OK with it, because it has some TKOH interior and color.

A civilian version of the Mohawk or the orca would probably be too much to ask for though.^^

Yes, put more stuff in!
Also I think we can ask for more, doesn't mean we will get it, but if we tell them we want it, they might make it!

Might just be my own impression but the overly anal OCD-realism crowd seems to have quieted down lately so we just might get what we ask for :)

I dought that they will add another heli though. (Besides of the black version of the "Taru".

Although a civilian Orca/Mohawk/Taru would be awesome, even if they only have new textures and interior I wouldn't mind. The Taru or the Mohawk could be a medic helicopter for civilians too maybe.

Thanks BI, for listening and adding the MD-500!!