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Experiencing AFM turbulance while not in AFM mode (DEV BRANCH)
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So far, piloting an MH and AH-9 yields my vision shaking when getting up to higher speeds. It looks like the turbulence aspect of the advanced flight model is leaking over into non-AFM gameplay.

This shouldn't be in the non-AFM version of the game due to the mechanic feeling very out of place. If I want turbulance, I've got the AFM to try out. That's why it's there.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Get in MH-9 or AH-9

-Take off

-reach up to 180+ km/h

Afterwords, you're screen will start shaking.

Additional Information

If this isn't turbulence but instead the effects of the RPMs, it still feels out of place while experiencing such a mechanic outside of the AFM mode which definitely feels like an AFM specific mechanic.

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It's so very minimal that it shouldn't really bother or is something not right in my end? I've tried with both flight models and camera shake is enabled.

But if that really bothers you you can disable camera shake from the general difficulty options.

There is a very horrible shake that is incredibly unrealistic, It should be subtle and then build up and up, not just horrible jolting.

minimal my ass, when i want to fly a chopper under the speed limit it shouldn't have such turbulence. It is even worse with time accel enabled.

Then either you or me are bugged because I don't really get anything horrible jolting.

this has been already fixed and distributed on Steam Dev version.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.

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