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ORBAT flickering
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When viewing ORBAT, and moving the mouse cursor over any of the symbols, the screen will start to flicker violently. Moving the mouse cursor over any ORBAT symbol on the map will also start a slight flickering occurrence on the tasks/map bar to the left side.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Set up ORBAT, or play a mission/campaign mission that utilizes ORBAT.
-Move cursor over ORBAT symbol, either on map or in ORBAT display.

Additional Information

I had a buddy of mine start up ARMA 3, and he too experienced this issue.

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EXE rev. 126785 (game)
Fixed: Interface flashing when showing ORBAT tooltip

The credits orbat doesn't flicker with 1.27.126890

issue is still present in 1.28.127008

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Zipper5 noticed it during the ARMA 3 Survive Livestream a few days ago, so the issue might be fixed in the next big patch.

The flickering issue was fixed, but there is a more subtle problem now. Typically you will be able to view the information in an ORBAT icon a couple of times, but after that it stops working; nothing pops up. Sometimes the text box will be cut off and you'll only be able to see half of the information.

This also seems to cause an issue whereby you can't scroll in or out of the map. It's as if scrolling is locked for a few seconds, then resumes.

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i can still see the text box, but it also flashes like crazy. noticed when looking at the credits, but still happens in game

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Tried setting up ORBAT for the first time, experiencing this same thing.

In \a3\functions_f\Strategic\fn_ORBATTooltip.sqf there's a typo on row 17; "disablesierialization;" should be "disableserialization;"

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This is resolved with the 1.32 update and can be closed.

Marking as resolved. Thank you for the feedback!

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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