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Server Crash C00000FD STACK_OVERFLOW at 114464EC
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5 Arma3servers on 3 physically seperate dedicated machines crashed at the same time 19:58


When i rebooted one of the servers, it crashed again at 20:29
C00000FD STACK_OVERFLOW at 11A864ED {F24646} {F24647} {F24648}


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[20:41:42 | Edited 20:41:52] Dwarden (David Foltyn):

i bet i know what it is
nah i need usual reports,
7z mdmp, bidmp, rpt (log) from each crashed server and create A3FT ticket, then send me url

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thanks for reporting the issue. However, the crashdump file (bidmp) is completely empty and cannot be analyzed. This can be caused by insufficient time given the client to create the dumps (killing it via task manager) or the program performed an emergency shut down instead of crash. Could you please try to crash the serve again and give it more time before killing it? If that is not your case, please let me know, thank you!

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Î checked the Ôther 4 servers for the RPT's and Bidumps, and they all are 0 Byte sized.

I am assuming, this is a "Feature" of this Crash ??

A crash like this has not occurred naturally since this report.

I have not found a way to reproduce it as of yet. The only thing that they all (the 5 servers that crashed) have in common, is the Rcon-Log entry indicating the server trying to contact a BE-master and failing in doing so.

ECID added a comment.Aug 25 2014, 6:45 PM

In the meantime Servers have been restarted a couple of times:

25/08/14 17:41 Server <5> Crash
It created Crashdumps with a filesize this time.

When i noticed @ 18:21, i clicked okay on the Application Crash notification. It immediately crashed Server <4> (same machine)

25/08/14 18_21 Server <4> Crash
It created Crashdumps with a filesize this time.

The RPT's look like they are related.

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I've uploaded 4 more Crashdumps. "Crash_4_27_08_2014___4StackOverflowCrashDumps.rar"

The Frequency of the stackoverflow related crashes is increasing rapidly.

I have a hunch this might be related to the proliferation of Client_RC, Client_Perf1 and client_Perf2 users trying to join the server.
When Players on those client-versions get killed on the server (1.26 vanilla), they encounter a CTD.

The last 2 crashes documented in crashfile "Crash_4_27_08_2014___4StackOverflowCrashDumps.rar", conincided with a player getting killed and receiving a CTD, they both were client_Perf1 and Client_Perf2 respectively.

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The issue should be fixed in latest dev version. Check pls.

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The RC2 that Dwarden has has published, fixed the Issue. No more Stackoverflow's causing Server-Crashes.



Steam-beta-key: Hotfix126Arma3
[27.08.2014 18:22:28] -[EUTW]- E.C.I.D.: so, how do i get the proper server binaries ?
[27.08.2014 18:23:00] Dwarden (David Foltyn): [^] ... ixRC2?dl=0
requiredBuild = 126951; Require clients joining to have at least build 126951 (1.26 Hotfix2) of game, preventing obsolete clients to connect
guaranteedUpdates = false; // Experimental Command by Dwarden

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