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ARMA 3 Launcher isn't displayed
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Hi all,
Since todays patch ARMA 3 automaticaly starts the ARMA 3 Launcher when I'm trying to start the game.

My problem:

Every time the ARMA 3 Launcher starts the window of the launcher isn't displayed on my screen. All I get is the mouse cursor of the ARMA launcher, but the launcher it self isn't viewable.

The launcher is displayed in my task bar and if I view in the task manager the process is still working.

Starting as admin or in any compatibily mode doesn't help.

Since todays update I'm not able to start my game anymore.
Please help me and let me know, if you need some more informations. {F24622} {F24623} {F24624} {F24625} {F24626} {F24627} {F24628}


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I am just trying to start the game via steam or the arma3.exe

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Could you try moving the Launcher's window manually? We'd like to check where on the screen the window is positioned.

Please do following:
1.) Run the Launcher.
2.) Wait until the Launcher is displayed on the taskbar.
3.) Press Alt+Space to open Launcher's system menu.
4.) Select 'Move' from the menu or press M.
5.) Press any arrow key on the keyboard.
6.) If the window is visible out of the screen bounds, it should move at cursor's position.

Didn't work...
Now it allways crashes before i'm even able to "move" it again.

Dev branch
with all the aplications installed, mentioned by ICEMAN in this link ->

Also tried to launch as admin.

But i'm able to launch ArmA3 directly by its .exe or via Steam or by using PlayWithSix and am able to play without crashes.

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Are there any logs created?
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs\

If so, could you please upload them?

uploaded Logs to attached files under the name; "Von_Emmy.rar"

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Same problem here. I'm playing development build.

Thank you for sending us you logs, it's really appreciated. For some reason a Steam API in the Launcher can't initialize itself and can't connect with the Steam Client. We're currently investigating why is that happening.

Could you please answer me following questions:

  • Do you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled on your computer?
  • Are you administrator on your computer?
  • Do you run the Steam or the ARMA as administrator?
  • Are you participating in the Steam Beta?

@ST. Jimmy:
Could you please upload logs from
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs\

Also, could you please answer me same questions I asked @Von_Emmy?

Thank you.

@BIS Wizard.
I tried the first message thing. My cursor moves on a spot on my desktop but it seems like the launcher is invisible. When I try to move that it always crashes.

  • I've UAC disabled
  • I'm admin
  • Launching Steam or Arma or launcher or all of them as admin doesn't make any difference
  • I'm not participating in Steam Beta

I uploaded the log with a name

I have EXACT the same problem as St.Jimmy

  • I've UAC enabled (on standard settings)
  • I'm admin
  • Launching Steam or Arma or launcher or all of them as admin doesn't make any difference
  • I'm not participating in Steam Beta


could you please upload logs, if any exists, from
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs\
Thank you.

Hi everyone,
we're still investigating the issue, unfortunately we're unable replicate it. Meanwhile we pushed some changes and workarounds into the latest *Development* version of Arma 3 on the Steam. If you're subscribed to development version, please give it a try.

This version also contains a recovery mode: if you press and hold Ctrl+Shift before you start the Launcher (a release it after the Launcher starts) it will start in recovery mode (you will see a message box telling you about that). When the Launcher starts in a recovery mode, it will override some window placement protocols and will open its window in top left corner of your desktop.

Please let us know if it works. Also, it would be of great help for us if you could post logs from development version.

OK I can test that tomorrow night and post more logs.

As of todays DevBuild and the use of the formentioned "recovery mode";
no change concerning this issue.

  • Window is still invisible
  • Taskbar Icon shows up
  • Custom cursor is visible
  • Window moved somewhat more to the top left corner of my Screen.

Uploaded Logs

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naama added a comment.Aug 28 2014, 8:46 PM

The official Launcher has not once worked for me, so today I uninstalled and reinstalled all the Visual C++ Redistributables and .NET Frameworks to be on the safe side. Launcher stays invisible until trying to move it, and then it crashes.

-UAC disabled
-I am the admin
-Steam and Arma always run as admin
-Participating in the Steam Beta.

Uploaded logs.

Thank to you all. Today we'll push another update to the Development version of the Launcher. I'll let you know when it will be available on the Steam.

Meanwhile I would like to ask you:

  • Do you have any unusual setup on your computer? Any mod-drivers, an unofficial Windows skin, anything that might be considered unusual.
  • Can you please run the DirectX Diagnostics (dxdiag.exe), click on the "Save all information" button and upload the text file it creates?
  • Can you check your Application event log for any errors when the Launcher crashes (run Event Viewer, then navigate to the Event Viewer->Windows Logs->Application).

If you are experienced power user and feel adventurous, you can try disabling HW acceleration for WPF applications. Please note that this option will apply on all WPF applications on you computer. Registry settings that apply to this are described on:


-I'm on an 2 to 4 Year old OS and i had an Dual Monitor Setup.
Half a year ago, i changed back to an Singel monitor Setup and uninstalled "Display Fusion".
Therefor i can imagine the issue could be caused by some remnants.
Besides that and the us of "aquasuite 2013 - 5.2" (with desktop overlay), which i already testet for its possible influence by killing its task before starting the launcher, theres nothing unusual i can think of.

  • Uploaded Files
    • DxDiag
    • overview of all active Processes (as of "Sysinternals Process Explorer 15.3")
    • Eventviewers entries and its attached files (C:\Users\Von_Emmy\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppCrash_arma3launcher.ex_b8615b6fe31a0f4a034583e1265807fbf27be_08782b93) concerning the; "forced crash by trying to "move" the "ArmA 3 Launcher".
  • did not test to disable HW acceleration as of yet
  • going to boot and test in "Windows Safe Mode" next



I did not upload the Launcher's logs again, because theres no entries concerning the "forced crash".

I just review data you sent. Could you also try (temporarily) disabling Data Execution Prevention for the Launcher? From the event log records you send it looks like this could be the problem.

The way how to do that is described on


I updated to todays devBuild (126964 (game)/ 126966 (launcher)) and successfully executed the Launcher in "Windows Safe Mode with Network Support".
But was unsuccesfull in launching ArmA 3 through it.

  • its arma3.exe did appear in taskmanager under processes but utilized low CPU and RAM
  • also, there wasn't a Window nor a Taskbar icon
  • Uploaded Files concerning "Windows Safe Mode" results
    • ...arma3launcher.rpt
    • ...System Idle Processes.TXT

If i try to deactivate "DEP" for the Launcher, i get the following error message:
"This program must be executed with activated Data Execution Prevention. You can not turn off the Data Execution Prevention for this program."

  • Because of the succesful launch in "Windows Safe Mode" i'm about to deactivate Process by Process while in "normal Mode".
    • i already found out, that i'm unable to kill Processes of my AntiVirus/Firewall (Bitdefender). Which, to me, is the most obvious possible cause.
      • i'm further investigating on how to do this.


Thank you very much. Based on your logs, I'm currently installing the Bitdefender on the test computer to see whether is will interfere with the Launcher or not.

a) Did you tried to disable HW acceleration?
b) Can you try to disable DEP globally by running following command:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

To return DEP setting back to its default value, run:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx OptIn

a) i just tried to disable HW acceleration but the mentioned registry key (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics\DisableHWAcceleration) isn't in my registry.
(there's no "Avalon.Graphics\DisableHWAcceleration" under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\".
Also the Search function couldn't find "DisableHWAcceleration" inside my registry.

b) I executed the command and then restarted my Computer but still no change.
I'm not shure if the commands did work, because there was no confirmation.

  • how can i confirm that the commands actually did something?

going to continue with killing Process by Process

Ad a) I've attached ZIP with registry entries that will disable and re-enable HW acceleration for the WPF. (Basically they will create Avalon.Graphics key and DisableHWAcceleration DWORD value and set the value to 1 or 0 respectively.)

Ad b) If you run bcdedit.exe without parameters it will list current settings. There shut be listed the option nx and its current value.

We have already checked the Bitdefender, and there are no problems with running the Launcher when the Bitdefender is installed.

Ad a) I'm unable to download any Files but my own!? (the others ain't clickable/ain't available to download)

Following this guide ->
... i'm unable to proceed with step 6, because there's only a greyed out box (not clickable).

  • using newest GeForce driver (340.52) on my "ASUS ROG POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5"
  • i have no idea what HW accelleration does and why i'm unable to change this settings.

Ad b) I've run bcdedit.exe but nothing happend, nothing appeard, also no listing of that process wether by Taskmanager nor by Process Explorer.
Also tried to run as admin. - nothing happend


which version of Bitdefender did you test?


ad a)

WPF hardware acceleration settings are different from windows HW acceleration settings and they can be disable only through registry settings.

I created a simple application that will allow you to change global WPF settings. You can download it from:
This application also contains several test cases and I would like to ask you to run through them. You can find them on a tab "Tests" and there is 7 buttons, each of the button opens a window with different features enabled, and I'm interested which stage won't work for you.

Ad b)
To see results of BcdEdit, open first Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and run BcdEdit from there.

Hi Wizard

I did use your "Launcher Test Programm".
With WPF hardware acceleration disabled, the Launcher Window was visible.

Test Results

  • whether with or without WPF hardware acceleration all Stages seemed to me to be working fine.

-By using reference Rasterizer, whether with or without WPF hw acceleration, all of the test windows were ether visible as a white window without content (Stage 1 and 2) or completly invisible (Stage 3 to 8).
Also only Stage 1 could be closed by an close button on its windows Frame. Stage 2 to 8 i did close via Taskbar Icon.


I disabled "Data Execution Prevention" globaly by using mentioned command (bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff) via console succesfully, but without any difference.



thank you for testing that for us. We pushed update to development version with few features:
a) Launcher will automatically disable WPF hardware acceleration when started in recovery mode (when you hold Ctrl+Shift when the Launcher starts).
b) There is a new check box for disabling HW acceleration in options (the gear icon in the bottom right corner) that can disable HW acceleration for the Launcher permanently.

Von_Emmy, could you please test that for us, whenever it's convenient? I'd like you to re-enable global WPF hardware acceleration through my application and then start the Launcher in recovery mode and disable HW acceleration only for Launcher.

Thank you.


first, it did not work the way you discribed to do it.
I guessed it's caused by not safing changed settings, as i found out by changing language from german to english.

The way i did made it work, is;

  1. disabled Hardware acceleration through your application (Launcher Test App)
  2. launched the launcher through Steam normaly
  3. changed language to english and restarted the Launcher
  4. highlited/activated the option "Disable Hardware acceleration" and then closed the Launcher.
  5. enabled Hardware acceleration through "Launcher Test App" and then later also restored settings by it's "restore default settings" button.
  6. tested Launcher by launching it normaly through Steam.

Well... as it seamed to me, there might be an issue with safing settings and i thought it might be because of operation in an different language.

Therefore i tried to to change language back to german.
But, instead of just changing it's language setting, it did restore it's default settings.
I thought; "There might be the cause, for me been unable to test the launchers operation the way as you just described."

But Now, after i enabled the Launchers option "disable Hardware acceleration", it also operates in german and it is possible to also launch the game through it.

So, i'm clueless.



thanks for reporting this. I can confirms there is a problem with saving the settings from recovery mode, we will investigate and let our QA department do proper testing.

What really matter to me now is whether you can open Launcher in recovery mode so the window is visible and you can get to the option page to check the check box (even if global WPF hardware acceleration is enabled and Launcher is invisible when run normally).


opening the launcher in recovery mode, made and makes the window appear even if global hardware acceleration is enabled (as usual).


I can confirm, that during recovery mode, the launcher is unable to save settings.

I (still) have the same problem as described by Von_Emmy.

Even in the newest sitrep#00074 mentioned troubleshooting page couldn't solve my problem.

All necessary packages are installed.

  • Do you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled on your computer?


  • Are you administrator on your computer?


  • Do you run the Steam or the ARMA as administrator?

Launching Steam or Arma or launcher or all of them as admin doesn't make any difference.

  • Are you participating in the Steam Beta?


Running stable branch at the moment.

Launcher has never worked for me.

Arma 3 launches flawless though.

Holding CTRL + Shift in order to bring up the launcher in safe mode does nothing.

Launching parameters for the launcher such as -safemode and-nohwa does nothing either.

The launcher window still keeps being invisible with just the icon on the taskbar, when hovering over it, it shows me the the window border of it. When hovering above the invisible window with my mouse, the Arma mouse appears.

Will include logs from arma launcher and dxdiag into a package called ""

Hi ChuWie,

Safe Mode is not yet available in stable branch. You either have to switch to the development branch or disable the WPF hardware acceleration globally (e.g. via utility

sc_neo added a subscriber: sc_neo.May 7 2016, 7:15 PM

Hey Guys,

i had the same problem with the launcher. With me it was the sweet fx overlay, that i installed last night, that made the arma 3 launcher invisible. Once i disabled it, the launcher was working fine again. Maybe you habe got something similar going on.

Best of luck though...

Hi sc_neo,
thank you for sharing that with us!

I can confirm that SweetFX was my issue as well *facepalm/me*

Removing SweetFX made the launcher visible.
Who would have thought that it modifies the launcher as well, or; Who would assume that it doesn't might modify the launcher as well when it's already in the same folder. I feel somewhat embarrassed now.. :D

Thanks sc_neo for reporting! Thanks BIS Wizard for the quick response and sorry for wasting your time since my issue was clearly not Arma side (at least on my PC, maybe the others in this ticket still have the issue because they don't even run sweetFX and hence the problem is elsewhere. If that is the case then all the best that you can fix it soon).

Nevertheless, keep rocking BIS, loving ArmA!

Well... same here
Thank you sc_neo for reporting this

I can confirm.
Now i wanna know why and how to fix this issue.
If you like to help, go to ->

hey, no problem. I guess i am lucky that i spent only about 3 hours on this problem and not close to a month as some of you! I probably would have noticed it right away...but since i installed sweet fx yesterday night und a couple of mods this afternoon and then tried to run the launcher again, i thought it was mod related. But then i remembered that sweet fx acts as an overlay filter. And it is known to not work well with other overlays or similar things. Fraps, for instance, often fails to work together with sweet fx. In BF3, fraps kills the filter. In Watch dogs, the game won't load when fraps is running, although you can load it successfully when the game is loaded already. So my guess would be...theres not really a chance to make sweet fx and the arma launcher work together. Unless BI solves that issue coding wise. I dont really need the launcher. Get yourselves a thirdparty mod-organizer or something. Saves a lot of hussle for everyone. I think we all wasted to much time on this one already.

So long...i hope this fixes the launcher problem for the rest as well.

Good night.

Hi guys,
you're the best! We're investigating and hopefully we'll be able devise a workaround soon.

Lol so it was about SweetFX. I can also confirm that.

Countermeasures were development and deployed into Dev-Branch. The Launcher now detects hostile SweetFX and engages countermeasures automatically. (Closing as fixed: since v1.0.127235 Launcher will run even if SweetFX is present in Arma 3 directory).

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.

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