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Madrid can't get out of water, possibly other amphibious vehicles
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This has been an issue from Alpha. Madrid (and probably all amphibious vehicles)have a major flaw when amphibious. Right now, when they are in the water, they use propellers. When on ground they use wheels. The problem happens when the wheels get triggered to soon or too late.
They can only get out of water if there is a steep incline where their wheels touch land. If the land under the water is gradual, they get stuck. It happens because they wheels touch land but the propellers stay on. Since the wheels aren't moving, the Madrid won't move. Other times, the wheels get triggered when part of the vehicle is still floating in water and it gets stuck because propellers turn off. This happens mostly when vehicle hits ground sideways or when a rock or land sticks up. I say this happens "ALWAYS" because it always happens during those conditions. If the conditions are perfect, then there is no problem.
Waypoints add to this problem. Most of the vehicles that make it on land get help from their own forward momentum. Their forward speed helps carry them from water to land, increasing the chance of their wheels grabbing enough land. Waypoints in water cause them to stop and get stuck if waypoint is close to land. And that can't be avoided because sometimes that waypoint is needed to make the vehicle go where you want or else they find a long route around.

The problem can be fixed easily. Just let the wheels move when propellers are on. Having moving wheels while propellers are on help get over rocks.
ONE EASIER FIX= Give drivers ability to change between propellers and wheels. That would probably be more realistic, but AI will still have trouble.


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Put about 8-10 Madrid or amphibious out at sea, deep enough for propellers. give waypoints to land. You will see about half get stuck. But that also depends on the beach.
Also put waypoints in and out of water. If a waypoint is in the water, the vehicle will stop, losing all forward motion. Getting them more likely to get stuck.

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Giving drivers the ability to switch from propeller to wheels will solve human issues.
Having wheels and propellers move together seems the only fix.

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yup, I had these problems with marshall

haven´t tried it for months, because I was always succesful stucking there in Kavala at 0348 1339 :-/

manual switching could be just perfect, if this is too hard to fix it

I was thinking of the manual switch myself as I was reading this, but also poster has a point regarding the AI. So I actually aggree with the whole let both work at the same time when in the water, and let only the wheels work once it touches land.

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My team got stucked in a Madrid when whe were going into the water in a beach. The problem came when the wheels were still slightly touching the ground making the propellers not starting. So we hadn't enough wheel traction to get out of there neither propellers working due to some wheels were still touching ground.

Btw i live in Madrid and always thought that ATV name was Marid LOL

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Its name is Marid, actually.

Some user-made addons are affected from this as well, amphibious vehicles seem to have big issues right now.
Tracked amphibious vehicles can't even move when they're in water.