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Blowing up/being hit with explosives inside vehicles is almost unaudible
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When you blow up inside a vehicle/aircraft, the explosion sounds are very quiet, as if they were happening far away.

I find this game breaking, because if you are inside a tank and, say, a helicopter hits you multiple times with rockets, it's impossible to clearly determine that there are rockets directly impacting the tank.

This often with a sudden explosion, that you also can't clearly hear, even though you are inside the explosion!

All of this forces me to switch to 3rd person to see what's going on, which is cheap.

So, what I'm suggesting is, the explosions from things that hit directly a vehicle you're inside of should sound loud and clear.

And maybe the explosions could also sound more muffled and/or have more bass in it, to make it clearer that the BOOM is happening outside the vehicle.(Should not apply as much to open vehicles, like the door-less version of the Offroad, the Hummingbird, etc.)


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Get in a vehicle/aircraft
2.Blow up/get hit with rockets
3.Notice how there is no clear way to determine that you blow up or got hit with rockets, because the explosion sounds are almost inaudible.

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I also suggest adding some camera shake when an explosion hits a vehicle you're in.
If done right, this will further improve the sense of the vehicle being hit with a powerful explosive.

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been noticing this a lot too. I was practicing with the AA tanks. I took an ATGM from an A-164 Wipeout. Despite the fact that my vehicle has just blown up, I could hardly hear it.
In real life, a direct concussion (such as a mine going off) would most likely be amplified by the closed container that is the vehicle, making the sound earsplitting.

This also applies to air vehicles. A missile can explode directly on your plane, but the only indication is a slight jolt. You can't hear the explosion at all. Needs a fix now.

This goes along with other sounds as well. For example you almost can't hear the sound of your horn even if it's an unarmored vehicle you are sitting in.

You can also place a hovering chopper above a car and notice how you can barely hear the chopper just 10m above the car.

This was very noticeable in a mission I was working on with an IED in it. The explosion was completely silent so at first I thought my sound was muted, then I replayed the mission in third-person view and the sound played normally and was quite loud like I wanted. It's very annoying in the sense that you're immediately taken out of the game in regards to immersion.

Its not a problem, because every car comes with cushioned ear muffs for the crew.

Yes it is. Ear protection only gets you so much. An IED going off directly next to a car is a much bigger blast than any conventional ear protection could silence.

It's apparent it's a problem because when your car explodes, the explosion is equally quiet.

(You couldn't see the sarcasm in my post.) But yeah, running over mines and getting hit by rockets can only be noticed in the rear view mirrors.

ah okay sorry :P didn't read the sarcasm.
The shock wave that would go through a tank after an IED went off under it must be brutal, you can probably feel the pressure change inside.

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Could not agree more. Its always too late to do something about your vehicle getting hit before you actually realize whats happening. Mostly this is because lack of sound and also vibration.

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This is easy to reproduce by running over anti tank mines

How is this still not even looked at?

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Wow. Bohemia stated on some changelog they added some interior hit sounds. As Laxemann sayed, soundguy from BIS is working hard on new features. I really hope he wont mis that one, beacuse current state is.... joke. I remember when every round hitted my tank was hearable, now i get only red status and thats all. Can you remember ACE 2 tank hit sound? Heard attack guaranteed. This with car horn is very annoying too, it was reported before many times. I can understand they have many work, but seriosuly, these sounds are already in game, they need change 2 numbers in 2 lines per sound. FOR ME IT WOULD TOOK MAX 5 MINUTES, to simply increase db of each sound. How such big company like yours cannot deal with this?

ceeeb added a comment.Jan 5 2016, 9:47 PM

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