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Arma 3 Will Not Shut Down, Steam Says Arma 3 Still Running Can't Close Steam
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Okay I've tried Everything including Uninstalling Arma 3 Removing Every Related file and or folder. Ran a Reg Clean and an Effective File Search to make Sure all files was removed. I then Re installed it. The Issue, Every time I close Arma 3 NO Mater if I use Exit Properly or Hard Shutdown through Task Manager, Steam Says I'm Still Playing and I can not close Steam unless I end the game through the processes in Task Manager. Now Yes I Do Get This Might Be a Steam Issue. SO please if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know {F24312}


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can you please upload your rpt file?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

I've uploaded the file as Requested,Also Let Me Be Clear as My Post now looking is a bit wrong, Arma 3 Is Closing like it should However, It is Steam That Says The Game is Still running and I'm Forced to Shut Steam down through End Processes in task manager as There is no other way to play any other game I own. Let Me know if you need anything else thanks

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there seems to be a "dead" process running in background callen tmp_0 or something like that (requires ~1,5KB RAM) ((cannot check as it is not happening again for me))
you simply need to close that one instead of steam (for me its more or less a generic issue of steam as sometimes steam simply not shuts down its very own overlay stuff)

you also should add as note that it is not always happening

Thanks for the tip, I'll try this tomorrow, as to the comment "not always happening" this is False, as No mater what I do it is only Arma 3 that is causing this and It Always happens. Thanks I will test and post tomorrow.

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I also get this sometimes. Possibly related to Task Force Arrowhead Radio as it gives me a 'pipe error' when I launch another copy of Arma 3 (it seems to still have a named pipe open or something). That could just be a side effect of an Arma 3 bug though.

As X39 pointed out, ending the process 'tmp0' is a workaround.

I think it would be useful if everyone posts what extensions they're using - and to the extent they know, if that extension is using threads of its own.

I have an extension that will stop a worker thread on process_detach, but that event may never actually be coming, since loading it was supposedly triggering this effect.

ACRE and TFR both use extensions.

I suspect this is really an "extra threads" problem; that the shutdown fails when there are extra threads present. Whether this happens from extensions or steam overlay or yet other factors.

Okay first Thanks for the info on the "tmp0" this at least get's Steam to say I've Stopped Playing Arma 3. Now another thing I did notice as I was doing this, That The Steam Game Overlay Keep's Opening and Closing in Processes. This is now Looking more Like a Steam Issue. I will Go About Getting a Ticket posted on this Right Away. Please Keep This Thread Up for Now.

i have a similar issue. if i alt+f4 out of the game, steam will still report the game as running even though the process has been terminated.

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I am also experiencing the same issue, this started maybe 2 weeks ago. The only modification I run is Breaking Point.

that info on tmp0 though holds true, I see that in my task manager also and when I end it, steam goes back to saying I'm not playing anything.

Same issue here. I tracked down the tmp0 file, and it shows in the file properties that there is a digital signature with the name "Bastian Suter", who is the lead developer for <b>BattlEye</b>.

I can confirm this still happens. I played KOTH and Epoch tonight and afterwards Steam still says i'm in game. I couldn't find this tmp_0 process that apparently was the cause.

I am playing a vanilla client, verified cache, and have the same issue

Steam always prevents me from a graceful shutdown on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I can almost guarantee this issue is related to Steam and Microsoft, hence upstream.

i am having the same issue although i cannot find the temp process, all i have is an arma3.exe that cannot be shutdown

Castrothemexican You will need to open task manager under Processes and look for a Temp 0 if you are not seeing it then clcick on Show All Processes from all users. then you should be able to find it

sadly Silent_Sniper i can't find temp 0 anywhere in task manager, i just have the BEService and arma3.exe that cannot be shut down

Well, I have to say that is strange, but I've dealt with foreign systems, and they tend to label tasks differently, this might be the case if your system is from say Europe. So Lets See if we can track it by doing this. Go To Your Steam Install Location to where Arma 3 is. I want you to right Click it and go to Properties, Go To The Compatibility, check the box Run this Program as Administrator. and Launch the Game, Now Once the Game is Open Alt + Tab to lower the Screen to desk top. On the Desk top Right Click and Create a new Shortcut. In the Box that appears past C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe and in next box name it Task Manager Elevated. and make new short cut. Now on the new short cut Right Click and go to properties again and in this window go to the Shortcut tab and at the bottom click Advanced Button, new window Check Run as Administrator, Hit okay and launch new short cut and see if you can find the Process Running while the game is running.

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