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AI AT Soldier will not target specified target if he has chosen his own target
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In Adapt mission Bingo Fuel, if AI AT Soldier under your command sees the tank on top of the hill while you make your way to meet up with your other squads, and if you are set to Stealth and Hold Fire, he will constantly report that he is ready to fire even though you have not designated the target for him. Then, if you try to designate the APC that is patrolling the road south of the town, he will ignore you and continue to target the tank on the top of the hill. If the AI has its sight broken by placing him behind a bush from the tank's perspective, then he WILL target the APC but then will shoot his silenced rifle at it rather than his Alamut RPG.


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Steps To Reproduce

Begin the mission. Meet up with your first team in the woods west of the town. Travel south toward the road. Use rangefinder or binoculars to locate the tank at the top of the hill south of you. This causes your RPG guy to start notifying you that he is ready to fire even though you haven't designated the target for him. Travel to the second team. Head east toward the cistern. When the other APC patrolling the road is moving up and down the road, have your AT soldier target him. He will continue to target the tank at the top of the hill and not your designated target. If you move the AT soldier behind a bush, he will then target the APC but will shoot at it with his silenced rifle.

Additional Information

I suspect the bug has something to do with the AI assigning themselves there own targets when in HOLD FIRE mode. In ArmA: Cold War Crisis, the AI would never state they are ready to fire when in hold fire mode unless the player designated a target for them. I'm not sure if this change was on purpose or a consequence of the migration of the AI code from the old to new engine, but it may have some unintended consequences, as described above.

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This is NOT at all resolved. I have therefore created a Subtask.

I have the exact same bug (same mission: single player official campaign, Bingo Fuel in The East Wind).

  • I ask my AT rifleman to target the GMG Ifrit about 10 m down a slope.
  • Nicolo decides to fire his RPG-42 on a tank rather far away on a hill.
  • We are spotted and killed a second later (Grenade machine guns are uber deadly).

Does this happen in other situations, Zeus, editor or in multi-player, I have not checked. I can only presume the AI would do the same mistake in many other similar situations.

10m is just around the launcher min. range.

Baraz added a comment.Sep 25 2017, 3:40 AM

10m is just around the launcher min. range.

For the GMG, hmm, good to know ! They are fearsome !