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Add isTurnedOut command to SQF from VBS
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Simple, enable the isTurnedOut SQF function from VBS in the Arma 3 builds. The code is there, nothing in it is using VBS specific code, it's all using code consistently used in other Arma 3 enabled portions. If someone could take 5 minutes out of their lunch break to add this feature that should have been added 10 years ago it'd be really really REALLY nice.


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Open vbsCmds.cpp, copy XX macro to one of the SQF function files used in A3, scroll up and copy the actual function. Done.

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Seriously, why hasn't this been added? Hacky solutions by the community are getting tiresome and overly complicated when the solution has been in the engine since day one almost.

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why isnt this fixed yet :S

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Nice work, BI.

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Sorry for the snarkiness of my ticket, but after finding that driverAction and driverInAction have no relevance to a unit being "turned out" in the internal state of the game (as in used by the sound system, see the ATV with its internalDampning factor of 0.9 and no driverInAction vs. driverAction) I got fed up trying to implement a reasonable solution to determining the in/out state of a vehicle position.

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So I replicated the engine functionality in SQF (didn't know you could pull the animationPhase from engine defined animation sources). Can probably put this task down extra low right now since it seems to be working 100% now

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